The Book of Jasher is an awesome book in that it goes into much more detail than the Book of Genesis. It explains and exposes the origin of false religions and the deceit of the false prophets, the history of the Chittim or Romans including King Latinus, Baalim, Jannes and his brother Jambres and the reasons for some of the actions of God and His people which are not fully explained in the Bible.

The Hebrew meaning of the words “the Book of Jasher” are “the Upright Record” which is referred to specifically twice in the Bible, but there are numerous references to this book that aren’t specifically mentioned.

This book is the heritage of the House of Israel. As Enoch proclaims in the Book of Enoch 104a:10-11

“Another mystery I also point out. To the Righteous and the Wise shall be given books of joy, of integrity, and of great wisdom. To them shall books be given, in which they shall believe; And in which they will rejoice. And all the Righteous shall be rewarded, who from these shall acquire the knowledge of every upright (“jasher”) path.”

Enoch’s book begins, chapter 1 verse 1, by stating that the Elect and the Righteous would exist in the “time of trouble/tribulation” and it is on their account that he spoke. These books will help the reader come to the knowledge of what happened in the beginning, and what’s been called for to happen in the end, because if you don’t know who the players are, you can’t possibly know the plot of the play.  Jesus said in Matthew 24 that the time of the end would be a time of “great tribulation” but that those of Israel would be saved or delivered out of it and that we should strive to be a part of them that escape.

The time is now to acquire the knowledge of your ancestors, where they went right and where they went wrong, for the time is at hand! If, when reading of these people; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the twelve Patriarchs, Moses, etc., you feel an affinity for them, then you probably are their progeny.  In which case, rejoice greatly, for the promises made to our forefathers belong to us!

The Book of Jasher is now available for you to order from the Firmament. This book is available on line for your perusal but what makes our book unique is that we have provided the reader with a Table of Contents, a synopsis of each chapter, an Index and many cross-references for your in depth of study.

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