The Community Rule (1QS)

Chapter 3

V  And this is the Rule for the men of the Community who have freely pledged themselves to be converted from all evil and to cling to all His commandments according to His will.

CR 3:1   They shall separate from the congregation of the men of falsehood/injustice and shall unite, with respect to the Law and possessions, under the authority of the sons of Zadok, the Priests who keep the Covenant, and of the multitude of the men of the Community who hold fast to the Covenant.  Every decision concerning doctrine, property, and justice shall be determined by them.

CR 3:2   They shall practice truth and humility in common, and justice and uprightness and charity/love and modesty in all their ways.  No man shall walk in the stubbornness of his heart so that he strays after his heart and eyes and evil inclination, but he shall circumcise in the Community the foreskin of evil inclination and of stiffness of neck that they may lay a foundation of truth for Israel, for the Community of the everlasting Covenant.  They shall atone for all those in Aaron who have freely pledged themselves to holiness, and for those in Israel who have freely pledged themselves to the House of Truth, and for those who join them to live in community and to take part in the trial and judgement and condemnation of all those who transgress the precepts.

CR 3:3   On joining the Community, this shall be their code of behavior with respect to all these precepts.

CR 3:4   Whoever approaches the Council of the Community shall enter the Covenant of God in the presence of all who have freely pledged themselves.  He shall undertake by a binding oath to return with all his heart and soul to every commandment of the Law of Moses in accordance with all that has been revealed of it to the sons of Zadok, the Keepers of the Covenant and Seekers of His will, and to the multitude of the men of their Covenant who together have freely pledged themselves to His truth and to walking in the way of His delight.  And he shall undertake by the Covenant to separate from all the men of falsehood who walk in the way of wickedness.

CR 3:5   For they are not reckoned in His Covenant.  They have neither inquired nor sought after Him concerning His laws that they might know the hidden things in which they have sinfully erred; and matters revealed they have treated with insolence.  Therefore Wrath shall rise up to condemn, and Vengeance shall be executed by the curses of the Covenant, and great chastisements of eternal destruction shall be visited on them, leaving no remnant.  They shall not enter the water to partake of the pure Meal of the saints, for they shall not be cleansed unless they turn from their wickedness: for all who transgress His word are unclean.  Likewise, no man shall consort with him with regard to his work or property lest he be burdened with the guilt of his sin.  He shall indeed keep away from him in all things: as it is written,  Keep away from all that is false (Exod 23:7).  No member of the Community shall follow them in matters of doctrine and justice, or eat or drink anything of theirs, or take anything from them except for a price; as it is written, Keep away from the man in whose nostrils is breath, for wherein is he counted? (Isa 2:22).  For all those not reckoned in His Covenant are to be set apart, together with all that is theirs.  None of the saints shall lean upon works of vanity: for they are all vanity who know not His Covenant, and He will blot from the earth all them that despise His word.  All their deeds are defilement before Him, and all their possessions unclean.

CR 3:6   But when a man enters the Covenant to walk according to all these precepts that he may join the holy Congregation, they shall examine his spirit in community with respect to his understanding and practice of the Law, under the authority of the sons of Aaron who have freely pledged themselves in the Community to restore His Covenant and to heed all the precepts commanded by Him, and of the multitude of Israel who have freely pledged themselves in the Community to return to His Covenant.  They shall inscribe them in the order, one after another, according to their understanding and their deeds, that every one may obey his companion, the man of lesser rank obeying his superior.  And they shall examine their spirit and deeds yearly, so that each man may be advanced in accordance with his understanding and perfection of way, or moved down in accordance with the offenses committed by him/in accordance with his distortions.

CR 3:7   They shall rebuke one another in truth, humility, and love.  Let no man address his companion with anger, or ill-temper, or obduracy, or with envy prompted by the spirit of wickedness.  Let him not hate him because of his uncircumcised heart, but let him rebuke him on the very same day lest he incur guilt because of him.  And furthermore, let no man accuse his companion before the Congregation without having first admonished him in the presence of witnesses.

CR 3:8   These are the ways in which all of them shall walk, each man with his companion, wherever they dwell.  The man of lesser rank shall obey the greater in matters of work and money.  They shall eat in common and pray in common and deliberate in common.

CR 3:9   Wherever there are ten men of the Council of the Community there shall not lack a Priest among them.  And they shall all sit before him according to their rank and shall be asked their counsel in all things in that order.  And when the table has been prepared for eating, and the new wine for drinking, the Priest shall be the first to stretch out his hand to bless the first-fruits of the bread and new wine.

CR 3:11   And where the ten are, there shall never lack a man among them who shall study the Law continually, day and night, concerning the right conduct of a man with his companion.  And the Congregation shall watch in community for a third of every night of the year, to read the Book and to study Law and to pray together.

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