Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 11

11:1 “And on the eighth day, behold, it was dawn and the birds were already singing and the dogs barking at people who were passing through, and Aseneth lifted her head just a little from the floor and the ashes on which she was lying, because she was exceedingly tired and could not control her limbs because of the want of food for the seven days. And she rose on her knees and put her hand on the floor and lifted herself up a little from the floor, and she was still bowing her head, and the hairs of her head were stretched out in strands from the load of ashes. And Aseneth clasped her hands, finger against finger, and shook her head to and fro, and struck her breast continuously with her hands, and laid her head into her lap, and her face was flooded with her tears, and she sighed with great sighing, and pulled her hairs from her head, and sprinkled ashes on her head. And Aseneth was tired and had become discouraged and her strength had gone. And she turned upward to the wall and sat below the window looking east.”
11:2 “And she laid her head into her lap, clasping her fingers round her right knee, and her mouth was closed, and she had not opened it in the seven days and in the seven nights of her humiliation.”
11:3 “And she said in her heart without opening her mouth: What shall I do, miserable that I am, or where shall I go; with whom shall I take refuge, or what shall I speak, I the virgin and an orphan and desolate and abandoned and hated?”
11:4 “All people have come to hate me, and on top of those my father and my mother, because I, too, have come to hate their gods and have destroyed them, and caused them to be trampled underfoot by men.”
11:5 “And therefore my father and my mother and my whole family have come to hate me and said, Aseneth is not our daughter because she destroyed our gods.”
11:6 “And all people hate me, because I, too, have come to hate every man, and all who asked for my hand in marriage. And now, in the humiliation of mine, all have come to hate me, and gloat over this affliction of mine.”
11:7 “And the Lord the God of the powerful Joseph, the Most High, hates all those who worship idols, because he is a jealous and terrible god toward all those who worship strange gods.”
11:8 “Therefore he has come to hate me, too, because I worshiped dead and dumb idols, and blessed them,”
11:9 “And ate from their sacrifices, and my mouth is defiled from their table, and I do not have the boldness to call on the Lord God of Heaven, the Most High, the Mighty One of the powerful Joseph, because my mouth is defiled from sacrifices of the idols”
11:10 “But I have heard many saying that the God of the Hebrews is a true God, and a living God, and a merciful God, and compassionate and long-suffering and full of pity and gentle, and does not count the sin of a humble person, nor expose the lawless deeds of an afflicted person at the time of his affliction.”
11:11 “Therefore I will take courage too and turn to him, and take refuge with him, and confess all my sins to him, and pour out my supplication before him.”
11:12 “Who knows, maybe he will see my humiliation and have mercy on me. Perhaps he will see this desolation of mine and have compassion on me,”
11:13 “Or see my orphanage and protect me, because he is the father of orphans, and a protector of the persecuted, and of the afflicted a helper.”
11:14 “I will take courage and cry to him”
11:15 “And Aseneth rose from the wall where she was sitting and turned to the window looking east and straightened up on her knees and spread her hands out toward heaven. And she was afraid to open her mouth and to name the name of God. And she turned again away to the wall and sat and struck her head and her breast with her hand often, and said in her heart without opening her mouth:”
11:16 “What a wretched woman I am, and an orphan and desolate, my mouth is defiled from the sacrifices of the idols and from the blessings of the gods of the Egyptians.”
11:17 “And now, in these tears of mine and the ashes strewn around and the filth of my humiliation, how shall I open my mouth to the Most High, and how name his awesome holy name, and be sure that the Lord will not be angry with me, because in the midst of my lawless deeds I have called on his holy name?”
11:18 “What shall I now do, wretched that I am? I will rather take courage and open my mouth to him and invoke his name. And if in fury the Lord strikes me he himself will again heal me; and if he chastises me with his whips, he himself will look again on me in his mercy; and if he is furious at me in my sins, he will again be reconciled with me and forgive me every sin. so I will take courage to open my mouth to hem.”
11:19 “And Aseneth rose again from the wall where she sat and straightened up on her knees and spread her hand eastward and looked with her eyes up toward heaven, and opened her mouth to God, and said:”

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