Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 12

12:1 “Lord God of the ages, who created all things and gave life to them, who gave breath of life to your whole creation, who brought the invisible things out into the light,”
12:2 “Who made the things that are and the ones that have an appearance from the non-appearing and non-being, who lifted up the heaven and founded it on a firmament upon the back of the winds, who founded the earth upon the waters, who put big stones on the abyss of the water, and the stones will not be submerged, but they are like oak leaves floating on top of the water, and they are living stones and hear your voice, Lord, and keep your commandments which you have commanded to them, and never transgress your ordinances, but are doing your will to the end. For you, Lord, spoke and they were brought to life, because your word, Lord, is life for all your creatures.”
12:3 “With you I take refuge, Lord, and to you I will shout, Lord, to you I will pour out my supplication, to you I will confess my sins, and to you I will reveal my lawless deeds.”
12:4 “Spare me, Lord, because I have sinned much before you, I have committed lawlessness and irreverence, and have said wicked and unspeakable things before you.”
12:5 “My mouth is defiled from the sacrifices of the idols and from the tables of the gods of the Egyptians. I have sinned, Lord, before you I have sinned much in ignorance, and have worshiped dead and dumb idols. And now I am not worthy to open my mouth to you, Lord. And I, Aseneth, daughter of Pentephres the priest, the virgin and queen, who was once proud and arrogant, and prospering in my riches beyond all people, am now an orphan, and desolate, and abandoned by all people.”
12:6 “With you I take refuge, Lord, and to you I bring my supplication, and to you I will shout.”
12:7 “Rescue me before I am caught by my persecutors.”
12:8 “For just as a little child who is afraid flees to his father, and the father, stretching out his hands, snatches him off the ground, and puts his arms around him by his breast, and the child clasps his hands around his father’s neck, and regains his breath after his fear, and rests at his father’s breast, the father, however, smiles at the confusion of his childish mind, likewise you too, Lord, stretch out your hands upon me as a child-loving father, and snatch me off the earth.”
12:9 “For behold, the wild old lion persecutes me, because he is the father of the gods of the Egyptians, and his children are the gods of the idol maniacs. And I have come to hate them, because they are the lion’s children, and have thrown all of them from me and destroyed them.”
12:10 “And the lion their father furiously persecutes me/tries to swallow me,”
12:11 “But you, Lord, rescue me from his hands, and from his mouth deliver me, lest he carry me off like a lion, and tear me up and throw me into the flame of the fire, and the fire will throw me into the hurricane, and the hurricane will wrap me up in darkness and throw me out into the deep of the sea, and the big sea monster who exists since eternity will swallow me, and I will be destroyed forever.”
12:12 “Rescue me, Lord, before all this comes upon me. Rescue me, Lord, the desolate and solitary, because my father and mother disowned me and said, Aseneth is not our daughter, because I have destroyed and ground to pieces their gods, and have come to hate them.”
12:13 “And I am now an orphan and desolate, and I have no other hope save in you, Lord, and no other refuge except your mercy, Lord, because you are the father of the orphans, and a protector of the persecuted and a helper of the afflicted.”
12:14 “Have mercy upon me, Lord, and guard me, a virgin who is abandoned and an orphan, because you, Lord, are a sweet and good and gentle father.”
12:15 “What father is as sweet as you, Lord, and who is as quick in mercy as you, Lord, and who is as long-suffering toward our sins as you, Lord? For behold, all the gifts of my father Pentephres, which he gave me as an inheritance, are transient and obscure; but the gifts of your inheritance, Lord, are incorruptible and eternal.”

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