Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 13

13:1 “Be mindful, Lord, of my humiliation and have mercy upon me. Look at my orphanage and have compassion on the afflicted. for behold, I fled from everything and took refuge in you, Lord, the only friend to men.”
13:2 “Behold, I left behind all the good things of the earth and took refuge in you, Lord, in this sackcloth and ashes, naked and an orphan and left all alone.”
13:3 “Behold, I put off my linen royal robe, interwoven with violet and gold, and dressed in a black mourning tunic.”
13:4 “Behold, I loosened my golden girdle and threw it off me and girded a rope and sackcloth around myself.”
13:5 “Behold, my tiara and my diadem I threw off my head, and have sprinkled ashes upon it.”
13:6 “Behold, the floor of my chamber, paved with colored and purple stones, which once used to be besprinkled with perfumes and wiped with bright linen cloths, is now besprinkled with my tears and was profaned having been powdered with ashes.”
13:7 “Behold, my Lord, from my tears and the ashes much mud has been formed in my chamber, as on a broad street.”
13:8 “Behold, Lord, my royal dinner and the cereals I gave to the strange dogs.”
13:9 “And behold, seven days and seven nights I was fasting and ate no bread and drank no water, and my mouth has become dry as a drum, and my tongue as a horn, and my lips as a potsherd, and my face has fallen, and my eyes are burning in shame from my many tears, and my entire strength has left me.”
13:10 “Behold, now, all the gods whom I once used to worship in ignorance: I have now recognized that they were dumb and dead idols, and I have caused them to be trampled underfoot by men, and the thieves snatched those that were of silver and gold.”
13:11 “And with you I have taken refuge, O Lord my God. Yet you, rescue me from my many deeds of ignorance and pardon me,”
13:12 “Because I have sinned against you in ignorance, being a virgin, and have fallen in error unwittingly, and have spoken blasphemous words against my lord Joseph, because I did not know, the miserable one that I am, that he is your son, as people told me that Joseph is the shepherd’s son from the land of Canaan.”
13:13 “And I, the miserable one, have come to believe them and fall into error. And I have despised him and spoken wicked words about him, and did not know that he is your son”
13:14 “For who among men will give birth to such beauty and such great wisdom and virtue and power, as owned by the all-beautiful Joseph?”
13:15 “Lord, I commit him to you, because I love him beyond my own soul. Preserve him in the wisdom of your grace. And you, Lord, commit me to him for a maidservant and slave. And I will make his bed and wash his feet and wait on him and be a slave for him and serve him for ever and ever.”

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