Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 14

14:1 “And when Aseneth had ceased making confession to the Lord, behold, the morning star rose out of heaven in the east. And Aseneth saw it and rejoiced and said, So the Lord God listened to my prayer, because this star rose as a messenger and herald of the light of the great day.”
14:2 “And Aseneth kept looking, and behold, close to the morning star, the heaven was torn apart and great and unutterable light appeared.”
14:3 “And Aseneth saw it and fell on her face on the ashes. And a man came to her from heaven and stood by Aseneth’s head.”
14:4 “And he called her and said, Aseneth, Aseneth.”
14:5 “And she said, Who is he that calls me, because the door of my chamber is closed, and the tower is high, and how then did he come into my chamber?”
14:6 “And the man called her a second time and said, Aseneth, Aseneth.”
14:7 “And she said, Behold, here I am, Lord. Who are you, tell me.”
14:8 “And the man said, I am the chief of the house of the Lord, and commander of the whole host of the Most High. Rise and stand on your feet, and I will tell you what I have to say.”
14:9 “And Aseneth raised her head and saw, and behold, there was a man in every respect similar to Joseph, by the robe and the crown and the royal staff, except that his face was a burning torch, and hands and feet like iron shining forth from a fire, and sparks shot forth from his hands and feet.”
14:10 “And Aseneth saw it and fell on her face at his feet on the ground. And Aseneth was filled with great fear, and all of her limbs trembled.”
14:11 “And the man said to her, Courage, and do not be afraid, but rise and stand on your feet, and I will tell you what I have to say”
14:12 “And Aseneth rose and stood on her feet. And the man said to her, Proceed unhindered into your second chamber and put off your black tunic of mourning, and the sackcloth put off your waist, and shake off those ashes from your head, and wash your face and your hands with living water, and dress in a new linen robe as yet untouched and distinguished and gird your waist with the new twin girdle of your virginity.”
14:13 “And come back to me, and I will tell you what I have to say.”
14:14 “And Aseneth hurried and went into her second chamber where the chests containing as yet untouched, and undressed the black tunic of mourning and put off the sackcloth from her waist, and dressed in her distinguished and as yet untouched linen robe, and girded herself with the twin girdle of her virginity, one girdle around her waist, and another girdle upon her breast.”
14:15 “And she shook off the ashes from her head, and washed her hands and her face with living water. And she took an as yet untouched and distinguished linen veil and covered her head.”

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