Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 15

15:1 “And she went to the man into her first chamber and stood before him. And the man said to her, Remove the veil from your head, and for what purpose did you do this? For you are a chaste virgin today, and your head is like that of a young men.”
15:2 “And Aseneth removed the veil from her head. And the man said to her, Courage, Aseneth, chaste virgin. Behold, I have heard all the words of your confession and your prayer.”
15:3 “Behold, I have also seen the humiliation and the affliction of the seven days of your want of food. Behold, from your tears and these ashes, plenty of mud has formed before your face.”
15:4 “Courage, Aseneth, chaste virgin. For behold, your name was written in the book of the living in heaven; in the beginning of the book, as the very first of all, your name was written by my finger, and it will not be erased forever.”
15:5 “Behold, from today, you will be renewed and formed anew and made alive again, and you will eat blessed bread of life, and drink a blessed cup of immortality, and anoint yourself with blessed ointment of incorruptibility.”
15:6 “Courage, Aseneth, chaste virgin. Behold, I have given you today to Joseph for a bride, and he himself will be your bridegroom for ever and ever.”
15:7 “And your name shall no longer be called Aseneth, but your name shall be City of Refuge, because in you many nations will take refuge with the Lord God, the Most High, and under your wings many peoples trusting in the Lord God will be sheltered, and behind your walls will be guarded those who attach themselves to the Most High God in the name of Repentance. For Repentance is in the heavens, an exceedingly beautiful and good daughter of the Most High. And she herself entreats the Most High God for you at all times and for all who repent in the mane of the Most High God, because he is the father of Repentance. And she herself is guardian of all virgins, and loves you very much, and is beseeching the Most High for at all times and for all who repent she prepared a place of rest in the heavens. And she will renew all who repent, and wait on them herself for ever and ever.”
15:8 “And Repentance is exceedingly beautiful, a virgin pure and laughing always, and she is gentle and meek. And, therefore, the Most High Father lovers her, and all the angels stand in awe of her. And I, too, love her exceedingly, because she is also my sister. And because she loves you virgins, I love you, too.”
15:9 “And behold, I am going away to Joseph and will tell him about you everything I have to say. And Joseph will come to you today, and see you, and rejoice over you, and love you, and he will be your bridegroom, and you will be a bride for him for ever and ever.”
15:10 “And now listen to me, Aseneth, chaste virgin, and dress in your wedding robe, the ancient and first robe which is laid up in your chamber since eternity, and put around you all your wedding ornaments, and adorn yourself as a good bride, and go meet Joseph. For behold, he himself is coming to you today, and he will see you and rejoice.”
15:11 “And when the man had finished speaking these words, Aseneth rejoiced exceedingly with great joy about all these words and fell down at his feet and prostrated herself face down to the ground before him, and said to him,”
15:12 “Blessed be the Lord your God the Most High who sent you out to rescue me from the darkness and to bring me up from the foundations of the abyss, and blessed be your name forever.”
15:13 “What is your name, Lord; tell me in order that I may praise and glorify you for ever and ever. And the man said to her, Why do you seek this, my name, Aseneth? My name is in the heavens in the book of the Most High, written by the finger of God in the beginning of the book before all the others, because I am chief of the house of the Most High. And all names written in the book of the Most High are unspeakable, and man is not allowed to pronounce nor hear them in this world, because those names are exceedingly great and wonderful and laudable.”
15:13 “And Aseneth said, If I have found favor in your sight, Lord, and will know that you will do all your words that you have spoken to me, let your maidservant speak before you.”
15:14 “And the man said to her, Speak up. And Aseneth stretched out her right hand and put it on his knees and said to him, I beg you, Lord, sit down a little on this bed, because this bed is pure and undefiled, and a man or woman never sat on it. And I will set a table before you, and bring you bread and you will eat, and bring you from my storeroom old and good wine, the exhalation of which will go up till heaven, and you will drink from it. And after this you will go out on your way.”
15:15 “And the man said to her, Hurry and bring it quickly.”

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