Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 16

16:1 “And Aseneth hurried and set a new table before him and went to provide bread for him. And the man said to her, Bring me also a honeycomb.”
16:2 “And Aseneth stood still and was distressed, because she did not have a honeycomb in her storeroom.”
16:3 “And the man said to her, Why do you stand still?”
16:4 “And Aseneth said, I will send a boy to the suburb, because the field which is our inheritance is close, and he will quickly bring you a honeycomb from there, and I will set it before you, Lord.”
16:5 “And the man said to her, Proceed and enter your storeroom, and you will find a honeycomb lying upon the table. Pick it up and bring it here.”
16:6 “And Aseneth said, Lord, a honeycomb is not in my storeroom.”
16:7 “And the man said, Proceed and you will find one.”
16:8 “And Aseneth entered her storeroom and found a honeycomb lying on the table. And the comb was big and white as snow and full of honey. And that honey was like dew from heaven and its exhalation like breath of life.”
16:9 “And Aseneth wondered and said in herself, Did then this comb come out of the man’s mouth, because its exhalation is like the breath of this man’s mouth?”
16:10 “And Aseneth took that comb and brought it to the man, and put it on the table which she had prepared before him. And the man said to her, How is it that you said that a honeycomb is not in my storeroom? And behold, you have brought a wonderful honeycomb.”
16:11 “And Aseneth was afraid and said, Lord, I did not have a honeycomb in my storeroom at any time, but you spoke and it came into being. Surely this came out of your mouth, because its exhalation is like breath of your mouth.”
16:12 “And the man smiled at Aseneth’s understanding,”
16:13 “And called her to himself, and stretched out his right hand, and grasped her head and shook her head with his right hand. And Aseneth was afraid of the man’s hand, because sparks shot forth from his hand as from bubbling red-hot iron. And Aseneth looked, gazing with her eyes at the man’s hand.”
16:14 “And the man saw and smiled and said, Happy are you, Aseneth, because the ineffable mysteries of the Most High have been revealed to you, and happy are all who attach themselves to the Lord God in repentance, because they will eat from this comb. For this comb is full of the spirit of life. And the bees of the paradise of delight have made this from the dew of the roses of life that are in the paradise of God. And all the angels of God eat of it and all the chosen of God and all the sons of the Most High, because this is a comb of life, and everyone who eats of it will not die for ever and ever.”
16:15 “And the man stretched out his right hand and broke a small portion off the comb, and he himself ate and what was left he put with his hand into Aseneth’s mouth, and said to her, Eat. And she ate.”
16:16 “And the man said to Aseneth, Behold, you have eaten bread of life, and drunk a cup of immortality, and been anointed with ointment of incorruptibility. Behold, from today your flesh will flourish like flowers of life from the ground of the Most High, and your bones will grow strong like the cedars of the paradise of delight of God, and untiring powers will embrace you, and your youth will not see old age, and your beauty will not fail for ever. And you shall be like a walled mother-city of all who take refuge with the name of the Lord God, the king of the ages. And the man stretched out his right hand and touched the comb where he had broken off a portion, and it was restored and filled up, and at once it became whole as it was in the beginning.”
16:17 “And again the man stretched out his right hand and put his forefinger on the edge of the comb looking east and drew it over the edge looking west, and the way of his finger became like blood. And he stretched out his hand the second time and put his finger on the edge of the comb looking north and drew it over the edge looking south, and the way of his finger became like blood. And Aseneth stood at his left and watched everything that the men was doing. And the man said to the comb, Come. And the bees rose from the cells of that comb, and the cells were innumerable, ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands upon thousands.”
16:18 “And the bees were white as snow, and their wings like purple and like violet and like scarlet and like gold-woven linen cloaks, and golden diadems were on their heads, and they had sharp stings, and they would not injure anyone.”
16:19 “And all those bees encircled Aseneth from feet to head. And other bees were great and chosen like their queens, and they rose from the damaged part of the comb and encircled Aseneth’s mouth, and made upon her mouth and her lips a comb similar to the comb which was lying before the man.”
16:20 “And all these bees ate of the comb which was on Aseneth’s mouth. and the man said to the bees, Go off to your place.”
16:21 “And all the bees rose and flew and went away into heaven.”
16:22 “And those who wanted to injure Aseneth fell to the ground and died. and the man stretched out his staff over the dead bees and said to them, Rise you, too, and go away to your place.”
16:23 “And the bees who had died rose and went into the court adjoining Aseneth’s house and sought shelter on the fruit-bearing trees.”

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