Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 17

17:1 “And the man said to Aseneth, Have you seen this thing? And she said, Yes, Lord, I have seen all these things.”
17:2 “And the man said to her, So will be all my words which I have spoken to you today.”
17:3 “And the man for the third time stretched out his right hand, and touched the damaged part of the comb, and at once fire went up from the table and consumed the comb, but the table it did not injure.”
17:4 “And much fragrance came forth from the burning of the comb, and filled the chamber. And Aseneth said to the man, Lord, with me are seven virgins ministering to me, fostered with me from my childhood, born with me in one night, and I love them as my sisters. I will call them and you will bless them as you have blessed me, too.”
17:5 “And the man said, Call them”
17:6 “And Aseneth called the seven virgins and stood them before the man. And the man blessed them and said, May the Lord God the Most High bless you. And you shall be seven pillars of the City of Refuge, and all the fellow inhabitants of the chosen of that city will rest upon you for ever and ever.”
17:7 “And the man said to Aseneth, Put this table away.”
17:8 “And Aseneth turned to put the table away, and at once the man went away out of her sight. And Aseneth saw something like a chariot of four horses traveling into heaven toward the east. And the chariot was like a flame of fire, and the horses like lightning. And the man was standing on that chariot.”
17:9 “And Aseneth said, What a foolish and bold woman I am, because I have spoken with frankness and said that a man came into my chamber from heaven; and I did not know that a god came to me. And behold, now he is traveling back into heaven to his place.”
17:10 “And she said in herself, Be gracious, Lord, to your slave, and spare your maidservant, because I have spoken boldly before you all my words in ignorance.”

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