Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 18

18:1 “And as Aseneth was still saying these things to herself, behold, a young man from Pentephres servant staff rushed in and said, Behold, Joseph the Powerful One of God is coming to us today. For a forerunner of his is standing at the gates of our court.”
18:2 “And Aseneth hurried and called her foster-father, the steward of her house, and said to him, Hurry and make the house ready and prepare a good dinner, because Joseph the Powerful One of God is coming to us today.”
18:3 “And her foster-father saw her, and behold, her face had fallen from the affliction and the weeping and the fasting of the seven days, and he was distressed and wept, and he took her right hand and kissed it and said, What have you, my child, because your face has fallen so much?”
18:4 “And Aseneth said to him, My head is stricken with heavy pain, and the sleep kept away from my eyes, and therefore my face has fallen.”
18:5 “And her foster-father went away and prepared the house and the dinner. And Aseneth remembered the man from heaven and his commandment, and she hurried and entered her second chamber where the chests containing her ornaments were, and opened her big coffer and brought out her first robe, the one of wedding, like lightning in appearance, and dressed in it.”
18:6 “And she girded a golden and royal girdle around herself which was made of precious stones. And she put golden bracelets on her fingers and on her feet golden buskins, and precious ornaments she put around her neck in which innumerable costly and precious stones were fastened, and a golden crown she put on her head, and on that crown, in front on her brow, was a big sapphire stone, and around the big stone were six costly stones. and with a veil she covered her head like a bride, and she took a scepter in her hand.”
18:7 “And Aseneth remembered the words of her foster-father, because he had said to her, Your face has fallen. And she sighed and was much distressed and said, Woe is me, the humble, because my face has fallen. Joseph will see me and despise me.”
18:8 “And she said to her foster-sister, Bring me pure water from the spring, and I will wash my face.”
18:9 “And she brought her pure water from the spring and poured it into the basin. And Aseneth leaned over to wash her face and saw her face in the water. and it was like the sun and her eyes were like a rising morning star, and her cheeks like fields of the Most High, and on her cheeks there was red color like a son of man’s blood, and her lips were like a rose of life coming out of its foliage, and her teeth like fighting men lined up for a fight, and the hair of her head was like a vine in the paradise of God prospering in its fruits, and her neck like an all-variegated cypress, and her breasts were like the mountains of the Most High God.”
18:10 “And when Aseneth saw herself in the water, she was amazed at the sight and rejoiced with great joy, and did not wash her face, for she said, Perhaps I will wash off this great beauty.”
18:11 “And her faster-father came to say to her, Everything is prepared as you have commanded. And when he saw her he was alarmed and stood speechless for a long time, and was filled with great fear and fell at her feet and said, What is this, my mistress, and what is this great and wonderful beauty? At last the Lord God of heaven has chosen you as a bride for his firstborn son, Joseph.”

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