Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 2

2:1 “And Aseneth was despising and scorning every man, and she was boastful and arrogant with everyone. And no man had ever seen her, because Pentephres had a tower adjoining his house, very big and high, and on top of this tower was an upper floor including ten chambers.”
2:2 “And the first chamber was big and splendid, paved with purple stones, and its walls were faced with colored and precious stones, and the ceiling of that chamber was of gold.”
2:3 “And within that chamber gods of the Egyptians who were without number were fixed to the walls, even gods of gold and silver. And Aseneth worshiped them all and feared them and performed sacrifices to them every day.”
2:4 “And the second chamber contained Aseneth’s ornaments and chests, and there was much gold in it (the chamber) and silver and clothes interwoven with gold and chosen and costly stones and distinguished cloths and all the ornaments of her virginity.”
2:5 “And the third chamber was Aseneth’s storeroom, and in it were all the good things of the earth.”
2:6 “And seven virgins occupied the remaining seven chambers, each having one chamber, and these were waiting on Aseneth, and they were all of the same age, born in one night with Aseneth, and she loved them very much. And they were very beautiful, like the stars of heaven, and no man ever conversed with them, not even a male child.”
2:7 “And there were three windows to Aseneth’s big chamber where her virginity was being fostered. And the one window, the first, was exceedingly big, looking east toward the court, and the second one was looking north toward the street where people passed by.”
2:8 “And there was a golden bed standing in the chamber, (a bed) that looked toward the window (looking) east, and the bed was laid with gold-woven purple stuff, interwoven with violet, purple, and white.”
2:9 “And in this bed Aseneth slept, alone; and a man or another woman never sat on it, only Aseneth alone.”
2:10 “And there was a large court surrounding the house, and a wall was around the court, very high, built from big square stones.”
2:11 “And the court had four iron-plated gates, and eighteen powerful armed young men guarded each of these. And handsome trees of all sorts and all bearing fruit were planted within the court along the wall. And their fruit was ripe, for it was the time of harvest.”
2:12 “And there was in the court, on the right hand, a spring of abundant living water, and below the spring was a big cistern receiving the water of that spring. From there a river ran right through the court and watered all the trees of that court.”

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