Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 20

20:1 “And they embraced each other for a long time and interlocked their hands like bonds. And Aseneth said to Joseph, Come, my Lord, and enter our house, because I have prepared our house and made a great dinner.”
20:2 “And she grasped his right hand and led him into her house and seated him on Pentephres her father’s throne. And she brought water to wash his feet.”
20:3 “And Joseph said, Let one of the virgins come and wash my feet.”
20:4 “And Aseneth said to him, No, my Lord, because you are my lord from now on, and I am your maidservant. And shy do you say that another virgin is to wash your feet? For your feet are my feet, and your hands are my hands, and your soul my soul, and your feet another woman will never wash.”
20:5 “And she urged him and washed his feet. And Joseph looked at her hands, and they were like hands of life, and her fingers fine like the fingers of a fast-writing scribe. And after this Joseph grasped her right hand and kissed it, and Aseneth kissed his heat and sat at his right hand.”
20:6 “And her father and mother and his whole family came from the field which was their inheritance. And they saw Aseneth like the appearance of light, and her beauty was like heavenly beauty. And they saw her sitting with Joseph and dressed in a wedding garment.” (see 5:3)
20:7 “And they were amazed at her beauty and rejoiced and gave glory to God who gives life to the dead.”
20:8 “And after this they ate and drank and celebrated. And Pentephres said to Joseph, Tomorrow I will call all the noblemen and the satraps of the whole land of Egypt and give a marriage feast for you, and you will take my daughter Aseneth for your wife.”
20:9 “And Joseph said, I will go tomorrow to Pharaoh the king, because he is like a father to me and appointed me chief of the whole land of Egypt, and I will speak about Aseneth into his ears, and he himself will give her to me for my wife.”
20:10 “And Pentephres said to him, Go in peace.”

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