Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 24

24:1 “And the son of Pharaoh was full of fear and distress, because he was afraid of Joseph’s brothers, Simeon and Levi, and he was still weighed down by Aseneth’s beauty and distressed with great overwhelming distress.”
24:2 “And his servants said to him into the ear, saying, Behold, the sons of Bilhah and the sons of Zilpah, Leah’s and Rachel’s maidservants, Jacob’s wives, are hostile to Joseph and Aseneth and envy them. and these will be in your power according to your will.”
24:3 “And Pharaoh’s son sent messengers and called them to himself. And they came to him at the first hour of the night and stood before him. and Pharaoh’s son said to them, I have a word to say to you, because you are powerful men.”
24:4 “And Dan and Gad, the elder brothers, said to him, Let our lord say to his servants what he wants to say, and your servants will listen, and we will do according to your will.”
24:5 “And Pharaoh’s son rejoiced exceedingly with great joy and said to his servants, Withdraw from me a little, because I have a confidential word to say to these men.”
24:6 “And they all withdrew.”
24:7 “And Pharaoh’s son lied to them and said, Behold, blessing and death are set before your face. Take now rather the blessing and not the death, because you are powerful men and will not die like women, but be brave and avenge yourself on your enemies.”
24:8 “For I heard Joseph your brother saying to Pharaoh my father concerning you, Children of my father’s maidservants are Dan and Gad and Naphtali and Asher, and they are not my brothers. And I will wait for my father’s death and them I will blot them out from the earth and all their offspring lest they share the inheritance with us, because they are children of maidservants.”
24:9 “And these men have sold me to the Ishmaelites, and I will repay them according to the whole insult of theirs which they committed against me wickedly. Only let my father die first.”
24:10 “And Pharaoh, my father, commended him and said to him, Well you have spoken, child. Then, take from me men who are powerful in fighting and go out to meet them in accordance with what they did to you. And I will be a helper to you.”
24:11 “And when the men heard the words of Pharaoh’s son, they were exceedingly troubled and distressed and said to Pharaoh’s son, We beg you, lord, help us.”
24:12 “And Pharaoh’s son said to them, I will be a helper to you if you hear my words.”
24:13 “And the men said, Behold, we are your servants before you. Give us orders, and we will do according to your will.”
24:14 “And Pharaoh’s son said to them, I will kill my father Pharaoh this night, because Pharaoh my father is like a father to Joseph and said to him that he would help him against you. And you kill Joseph. And I will take Aseneth for a wife for myself, and you will be brothers to me and fellow heirs of all my things. However, do this thing.”
24:15 “And Dan and Gad said to him, We are your servants today and will do everything which you have ordered us. And we have heard Joseph saying to Aseneth today, Go tomorrow to the field which is our inheritance, because it is the hour of the vintage. And he gave as an escort to be with her six hundred men powerful in fighting and fifty forerunners.”
24:16 “And now, listen to us, and we will speak to our lord.”
24:17 “And they spoke to him all their secret words and said, Give us men for war.”
24:18 “And Pharaoh’s son gave to the four brothers five hundred men each, and them he appointed their chiefs and commanders.”
24:19 “And Dan and Gad said to him, We are your servants today, and will do everything that you have ordered us. We will go by night and set up an ambush in the wadi, and hide in the thicket of the reeds. And you, take with you fifty bowmen on horses, and go far ahead of us. And Aseneth will come and fall into our hands. And we will cut down the men who are with her. And Aseneth will flee ahead with her carriage and fall into your hands, and you will do to her as your soul desires. And after that we will kill Joseph as he is distressed over Aseneth, and his children we will kill before his eyes. And Pharaoh’s son rejoiced when he heard these words. And he sent them out and two thousand fighting men with them.”
24:20 “And they came to the wadi and hid in the thicket of the reeds. And they split into four detachments. And there were sitting across the wadi, on the forward section as it were, on this side of the road and the other five hundred men each; likewise on this side of the wadi the rest were waiting, and they, too, were sitting in the thicket of the reeds, on this side of the road and the other five hundred men each. And between them the road was wide and spacious.”

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