Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 25

25:1 “And Pharaoh’s son rose in that night and went to the chamber of his father in order to kill his father with a sword. And his father’s guards prevented him from going in to his father and said to him, What are your orders, lord?”
25:2 “And Pharaoh’s son said to them, I want to see my father, because I am going out to harvest the vintage of my new-planted vineyard.”
25:3 “And the guards said to him, Your father suffers from a headache and lay awake all night, and now he is resting a little. And he said to us, Let no one come close to me, not even my firstborn son.”
25:4 “And when he heard this, Pharaoh’s son went away hurriedly and took with him fifty mounted bowmen and went away at their head, just as Dan and Gad had spoken to him.”
25:5 “And the younger brothers, Naphtali and Asher, spoke to their older brothers, Dan and Gad, saying, Why do you once again act wickedly against our father Israel and against our brother Joseph? And him the Lord is guarding like an apple of the eye. Behold, have you not sold him once, and now he is king of the whole land of Egypt and savior and grain giver?”
25:6 “And now again, if you should attempt to act wickedly against him, he will cry to the Most High, and he will send fire from heaven, and it will consume you, and the angels of God will fight for him against you.”
25:7 “And their older brothers, Dan and Gad, were angry at them and said, But shall we die like women? That would be absurd.”
25:8 “And they went out to meet Joseph and Aseneth.”

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