Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 26

26:1 “And Aseneth rose at daybreak and said to Joseph, I will go, just like you have said, to the field which is our inheritance. And my soul is anxious, because you are parting from me.”
26:2 “And Joseph said to her, Courage, and go not be afraid, but go because the Lord is with you, and he himself will guard you like an apple of the eye from every wicked deed.”
26:3 “For I, too, will go to my grain giving and will give bread to all men, and the whole land will surely not perish from the face of the Lord.”
26:4 “And Aseneth went away on her way, and Joseph went away to his grain giving.”
26:5 “And Aseneth and the six hundred men with her came to the place of the wadi. And suddenly those who lay in ambush rushed out of their ambushes and joined battle with Aseneth’s men, and cut them down with the edge of the sword, and they killed all her forerunners, but Aseneth fled ahead with her carriage.”
26:6 “And Levi, the son of Leah, perceived all these things in his spirit as a prophet, and he declared the danger in which Aseneth was to his brothers the sons of Leah. And each of them took his sword and put it on his thigh, and they took their shields and put them on their arms, and they took their spears in their right hands, and pursued after Aseneth in rapid course.”
26:7 “And Aseneth was fleeing ahead, and behold, Pharaoh’s son and fifty horsemen with him met her.”
26:8 “And Aseneth saw him and was afraid and troubled very much, and her whole body trembled. And she called on the name of the Lord her God.”

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