Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 27

27:1 “And Benjamin sat at Aseneth’s left hand in her carriage. And Benjamin was a boy of eighteen years, big and strong and powerful, and there was unspeakable beauty on him, and strength like that of a lion cub, and he feared the Lord exceedingly.”
27:2 “And Benjamin leapt down from the carriage and took a round stone from the wadi and filled his hand and hurled the stone at Pharaoh’s son and struck his left temple and wounded him with a heavy wound.”
27:3 “And Pharaoh’s son fell down from his horse on the ground, being half dead.”
27:4 “And Benjamin leapt and went up upon the rock, and said to Aseneth’s charioteer, Give me stones from the wadi.”
27:5 “And he gave him fifty stones. And Benjamin hurled the fifty stones and killed the fifty men who were with the son of Pharaoh. And all the stones penetrated their temples.”
27:6 “And the sons of Leah, Ruben and Simeon, Levi and Judah, Issachar and Zebulun, pursued after the men who had been lying in ambush for Aseneth and fell upon them unawares and cut them all down; the six men killed two thousand.”
27:7 “And their brothers, the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah, fled from their presence and said, We have been destroyed by our brothers, and Pharaoh’s son has died by the hand of Benjamin the boy, and all who were with him have been destroyed by the one hand of the boy Benjamin.”
27:8 “And now, come, let us kill Aseneth and Benjamin and flee into this thicket of reeds.”
27:9 “And they came toward Aseneth holding their swords drawn, full of blood.”
27:10 “And Aseneth saw them and was exceedingly afraid and said: Lord my God, who made me alive again and rescued me from the idols and the corruption of death, who said to me, Your soul will live for ever, rescue me from the hands of these wicked men.”
27:11 “And the Lord God heard Aseneth’s voice, and at once their swords fell from their hands on the ground and were reduced to ashes.”

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