Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 28

28:1 “And the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah saw this great thing and were exceedingly afraid and said, The Lord fights against us for Aseneth.”
28:2 “And they fell on the face to the ground and prostrated themselves before Aseneth and said, Have mercy on us, your slaves, because you are our mistress and queen.”
28:3 “And we have wickedly committed evil against you and against our brother Joseph; and the Lord repaid us according to our works.”
28:4 “And now we, your slaves, beg you, have mercy on us and rescue us from the hands of our brothers, because they arrived as avengers of the insult done to you, and their swords are against us.”
28:5 “And we know that our brothers are men who worship God and do not repay anyone evil for evil.”
28:6 “Anyway, be gracious to your slaves, mistress, before them.”
28:7 “And Aseneth said to them, Courage, and do not be afraid of your brothers, because they are men who worship God and fearing God and respecting every man. But go into this thicket of reeds, until I appease them concerning you and make their anger cease, because you acted in great boldness against them. Courage now, and do not be afraid. Besides, the Lord will judge between me and you.”
28:8 “And Dan and Gad and their brothers fled into the thicket of reeds. And behold, the sons of Leah came running like three-year-old stags against them.”
28:9 “And Aseneth descended from the carriage that gave her shelter and gave them her right hand with tears, and they, falling down, prostrated themselves on the ground before her, and wept in a loud voice; and they were seeking their brothers, the sons of their father’s maidservants, in order to do away with them.”
28:10 “And Aseneth said to them, I beg you, spare your brothers and do not do them evil for evil, because the Lord protected me against them, and shattered their swords, and they melted on the ground like wax from the presence of fire. And this is enough for them that the Lord fights against them for us. And this is enough for them that the Lord fights against them for us.”
28:11 “And you, spare them because they are your brothers and your father Israel’s blood.”
28:12 “And Simeon said to her, Why does our mistress speak good on behalf of her enemies?”
28:13 “No, but let us cut them down with our swords, because they were first to plan evil against us and against our father Israel and against our brother Joseph, this already twice, and against you, our mistress and queen, today.”
28:14 “And Aseneth stretched out her right hand and touched Simeon’s beard and kissed him and said, By no means, brother, will you do evil for evil to your neighbor. To the Lord will you give the right to punish the insult done by them. And they are your brothers and your fathers, Israel’s line, and they fled far from your presence. Anyway, grant them pardon.”
28:15 “And Levi went up to her and kissed her right hand and perceived that she wanted to save the men from their brother’s anger so that they would not kill them.”
28:16 “And they were nearby in the thicket of reeds.”
28:17 “And Levi their brother perceived it and did not declare it to his brothers. For he was afraid that in their anger they might cut them down.”

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