Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 29

29:1 “And Pharaoh’s son rose from the ground and sat up and spat blood from his mouth, because the blood from his temple ran down over his mouth.”
29:2 “And Benjamin ran up to him and took his sword and drew it from its sheath, because Benjamin did not have a sword on his thigh, and set about to strike the breast of Pharaoh’s son.”
29:3 “And Levi ran up to him and grasped his hand and said, By no means, brother, will you do this deed, because we are men who worship God, and it does not befit a man who worships God to repay evil for evil nor to trample underfoot a fallen man nor to oppress his enemy till death.”
29:4 “And now, put your sword back into its place, and come, help me, and we will heal him of his wound; and if he lives, he will be our friend after this, and his father Pharaoh will be like our father.”
29:5 “And Levi raised Pharaoh’s son from the ground and washed the blood off his face and tied a bandage to his wound, and put him upon his horse, and conducted him to his father Pharaoh, and described to him all these things.”
29:6 “And Pharaoh rose from his throne and prostrated himself before Levi on the ground and blessed him.”
29:7 “And on the third day Pharaoh’s son died from the wound of the stone of Benjamin, the boy.”
29:8 “And Pharaoh mourned exceedingly for his firstborn son, and from the mourning he fell ill; and Pharaoh died at a hundred and nine years, and left his diadem to Joseph.”
29:9 “And Joseph reigned as king in Egypt for forty-eight years, and after this he gave the diadem to Pharaoh’s younger offspring, who was at the breast when Pharaoh died. And Joseph was like a father to Pharaoh’s younger son in the land of Egypt all the days of his life.”

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