Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 4

4:1 “And she hurried and went down the stairs from the upper floor, and came to her father and mother and greeted them and kissed them. And Pentephres and his wife rejoiced over her daughter Aseneth with great joy, because they saw her adorned like a bride of God.”
4:2 “And they brought out all the good things which they had brought from the field which was their inheritance, and gave them to their daughter. And Aseneth rejoiced over all the good things, the fruit, and the grapes, and the dates, and the doves, and the pomegranates, and the figs, because they were all handsome and good to taste.”
4:3 “And Pentephres said to his daughter Aseneth, My child, And she said, Behold, here I am my lord.”
4:4 “And he said to her, Sit down between us, and I will tell you what I have to say.”
4:5 “And Aseneth sat between her father and mother. And Pentephres, her father, with his right hand grasped the right hand of his daughter and kissed it and said to her, My child Aseneth.”
4:6 “And he said, Behold, her I am, lord. Let my lord and my father speak up.”
4:7 “And Pentephres, her father, said to her, Joseph the Powerful One of God is coming to us today. and he is chief of the whole land of Egypt, and the king Pharaoh appointed him king of the whole land, and he is giving grain to the whole land, and saving it from the oncoming famine. And Joseph is a man who worships God, and self-controlled, and a virgin like you today, and Joseph is also a man powerful in wisdom and experience, and the spirit of God is upon him, and the grace of the Lord is with him.”
4:8 “Come, my child, and I will hand you over to him for his wife, and you will be a bride to him, and he will be your bridegroom for ever and ever.”
4:9 “And when Aseneth heard these words from her father, plenty of red sweat poured over her face, and she became furious with great anger, and looked askance at her father with her eyes, and said, Why does my lord and my father speak words such as these, to hand me over, like a captive, to a man who is an alien, and a fugitive, and was sold as a slave?”
4:10 “Is he not the shepherd’s son from the land of Canaan, and he himself was caught in the act of sleeping with his mistress, and his master threw him into the prison of darkness; and Pharaoh brought him out of prison, because he interpreted his dream just like the older women of the Egyptians interpret dreams?”
4:11 “No, but I will be married to the king’s firstborn son, because he is king of the whole land of Egypt.”
4:12 “Hearing this, Pentephres was ashamed to speak further to his daughter Aseneth about Joseph, because she had answered him daringly and with boastfulness and anger.”

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