Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 5

5:1 “And a young man of Pentephres’ servants rushed in and says, Behold, Joseph is standing before the doors of our court.”
5:2 “And Aseneth fled from her father’s and mother’s presence, when she heard them speak these words about Joseph, and went up into the upper floor and entered her chamber and stood by the large window, the one looking east, in order to see Joseph entering her father’s house.”
5:3 “And Pentephres and his wife and his whole family went out to meet Joseph.”
5:4 “And the gates of the court looking east were opened, and Joseph entered, standing on Pharaoh’s second chariot, and four horses, white as snow and with golden bridles, were harnessed to it, and the entire chariot was manufactured from pure gold.”
5:5 “And Joseph was dressed in an exquisite white tunic, and the robe which he had thrown around him was purple, made of linen interwoven with gold, and a golden crown was on his head, and around the crown were twelve chosen stones, and on the top of the twelve stones were twelve golden rays. And a royal staff was in his left hand, and in his right hand he held outstretched an olive branch, and there was plenty of fruit on it, and in the fruits was a great wealth of oil.”
5:6 “And Joseph entered the court, and the gates of the court were closed, and every man and woman, if strange remained outside the court, because the guards of the gates drew tight and closed the doors, and all the strangers were closed out.”
5:7 “And Pentephres and his wife and his whole family, except their daughter Aseneth, went and prostrated themselves face down to the ground before Joseph. And Joseph descended from his chariot and greeted them with his right hand.”

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