Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 6

6:1 “And Aseneth saw Joseph on his chariot and was strongly cut to the heart, and her soul was crushed, and her knees were paralyzed, and her entire body trembled, and she was filled with great fear. And she sighed and said in her heart:”
6:2 “What shall I do now, wretched that I am? Did I not speak saying that Joseph is coming, the shepherd’s son from the land of Canaan? And now, behold, the sun from heaven has come to us on its chariot and entered our house today, and shines in it like a light upon the earth.”
6:3 “But I, foolish and daring, have despised him and spoken wicked words about him, and did not know that Joseph is (a) son of God.”
6:4 “For who among men on earth will generate such beauty, and what womb of a woman will give birth to such light? What a wretched and foolish girl I am, because I have spoken wicked word about him to my father.”
6:5 “And now, where shall I go and hide from his face in order that Joseph, the son of God, does not see me because I have spoken wicked things about him?”
6:6 “And where shall I flee and hide, because every hiding place, he sees and nothing hidden escapes him, because of the great light that is inside him?”
6:7 “And now be gracious on me, Lord, God of Joseph, because I have spoken wicked words against him in ignorance.”
6:8 “And now, let my father give me to Joseph for a maidservant and slave, and I will serve him for ever and ever.”

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