Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 7

7:1 “And Joseph entered the house of Pentephres and sat upon the throne.. And they washed his feet and set a table before him by itself, because Joseph never ate with the Egyptians, for this was an abomination to him.”
7:2 “And looking up with his eyes, Joseph saw Aseneth leaning through the window. and Joseph said to Pentephres and his whole family, saying, Who is this woman who is standing in the upper floor by the window? Let her leave this house, because Joseph was afraid, saying, This one must not molest me, too.”
7:3 “For all the wives and the daughters of the noblemen and the satraps of the whole land of Egypt used to molest him wanting to sleep with him, and all the wives and the daughters of the Egyptians, when they saw Joseph, suffered badly because of his beauty.”
7:4 “But Joseph despised them, and the messengers whom the women sent to him with gold and silver and valuable presents Joseph sent back with threats and insults, because Joseph said, I will not sin before the Lord God of my father Israel nor in the face of my father Jacob.”
7:5 “And the face of his father Jacob, Joseph always had before his eyes, and he remembered his father’s commandments. For Jacob would say to his son Joseph and all his sons, My children, guard strongly against associating with a strange woman, for association with her is destruction and corruption.”
7:6 “Therefore Joseph said, Let this woman leave this house.”
7:7 “And Pentephres said to him, Lord, this one whom you have seen standing in the upper floor is not a strange woman, but she is our daughter, a virgin hating every man, and there is not any other man who has ever seen her except you alone today. And if you will, she will come and address you, because our daughter is like a sister to you.”
7:8 “And Joseph rejoiced exceedingly with great joy because Pentephres had said, She is a virgin hating every man. And Joseph said by himself, If she is a virgin hating every man, this girl will certainly not molest me. And Joseph said to Pentephres and his whole family, If she is your daughter and a virgin, let her come, because she is a sister to me, and I love her from today as my sister.”

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