Joseph and Aseneth

Chapter 9

9:1 “And Aseneth rejoiced exceedingly with great joy over Joseph’s blessing, and hurried and went into the upper floor by herself, and fell on her bed exhausted, because in her there was joy and distress and much fear and trembling and continuous sweating as she heard all these words of Joseph, which he had spoken to her in the name of the Most High God. And she wept with great and bitter weeping and repented of her infatuation with the gods whom she used to worship, and spurned all the idols, and waited for the evening to come. And Joseph ate and drank and told his servants, Harness the horses to the chariots, for, he said, I will go away and drive around the whole land.”
9:2 “And Pentephres said to Joseph, Let my lord lodge here today, and tomorrow you will go out on your way. And Joseph said, No, but I will go out today, because this is the day on which God began to make all his creatures, and on the eighth day, when this day returns, I too will return to you and lodge here.”

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