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When will you have additional presentations and/or information?

After you sign up with The Firmament, you’ll be notified when additional presentations and/or information will be made available for your contemplation and consideration.

What is The Firmament?

The Firmament contains Lights to divide between Light and Darkness.

What is your “Statement of Faith”?

Requests have been made for what is termed a Statement of Faith for the Firmament. Hopefully the following will address those requests and give Light to the seers.

Statement of Faith

The term translated faith in the Bible is e-muwn in the Hebrew and pistis in the Greek from the prime-root peitho which are verbs and not nouns. A verb is an action and a noun is a person, place or thing requiring no action. The word Faith has been morphed by traditional religions into meaning belief. The etymological root of both in synopsis means: the circumspect perusal of the evidences to come to the truth and persuaded thereby. In the case of the Word of God it would equate to trusting the Truth. Getting to the Truth requires an action, belief does not. If a thing is not the Truth, it’s a lie. The Truth is referred to as Light by the Word of God. God has commanded Lights in the Firmament to give Light unto the Earth and to separate darkness (lies) from Light (Truth). Therefore the Statement of Faith for the Firmament is Light/Truth.

When two are in a dark room together, one having eyes to see and the other being blind, neither can see. But when the Light comes on, the one with eyes can see but the other remains in darkness. So also are the Children of Light and the sons of darkness.

Hopefully you can see what we are saying.

What denomination is the Firmament?

The Firmament is not affiliated with any religion or denomination whatsoever.

Will this be the same ‘Proof of God’ I’ve seen on other sites?

No one has ever seen, heard, or considered what great things “The Firmament” has to show.

How will science prove God when I’ve always been taught that science is contrary to God and Creationism?

This question is addressed in the presentation on the home page, and facts will be presented that show God is science.

What confirmation do you have that the Sun’s diameter is 864,000 miles?

There are many sites that purport the Sun’s diameter in different measures ranging from under 864,000 miles to as much as 870,000 miles across. The Sun expands and contracts at different stages of its cycles and therefore what can seem to be differences in size. However, the mean diameter is 864,000 miles. If you Google “Sun 864,000 miles” you’ll get over 20,000 hits referring to the diameter of the Sun being 864,000 miles, including the recognized astronomical authorities such as Astonomy Magazine and NASA.

One proof, better than Google, is a Total Solar Eclipse. A Total Solar Eclipse occurs because the Sun and the Moon appear to be exactly the same size in the sky and the Moon covers the Sun precisely. However, in reality, the Moon’s diameter (2,160 miles) is 400 times smaller than the Sun, but the Sun is 400 times farther away. Hence the Moon’s diameter, being 2,160 miles, appears to be the same size as the Sun (2,160 miles x 400 = 864,000 miles). If those numbers are off by even a small difference there would be no “Total Eclipse” as is seen from Earth. There would only be a completely blacked out Sun if the Sun were smaller than it is or the Moon were bigger than it is, and there would only be a Partial Solar Eclipse if the Sun were larger than it is and the Moon smaller than it is.

Doesn’t the length of a man’s forearm vary?

If you measure an average man’s arm there is a constant relative size of 18″ from the elbow to the fingertips as the Da Vinci illustration of the Vitruvian Man shows. As there is also a constant measure of 6″ from one side of the palm to the tip of the extended thumb.

Why are you using the Imperial measure instead of metric?

The Imperial measures and those of the celestial bodies recur in the Bible. The metric will show no such parallels. This is a strong indicator that the message is for those who use and relate to those measures and the evidences presented.

What is going to happen with my e-mail address when I sign up?

Providing your e-mail address will allow us to send you notification of upcoming events and provide you with additional information not available to the general public. As our privacy policy states, we will neither sell nor distribute your e-mail address to any other party for any reason. Your information will only serve for the purpose of notifying you.

Why do I need to provide my first and last name?

The only reason we ask for your first and last name is to associate your e-mail address with you and provide you with personal communications regarding the presentation and any upcoming events.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

No, there is no cost to be added to the list, and there is no cost to view the videos.

What must I do to sign up?

You can sign up by clicking “Sign Up” on the right pillar and filling out the contact form. When you click “submit” you will be sent a confirmation e-mail to verify your address was entered correctly. If you do not confirm your address, you will not be registered. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours try re-submitting or use the Contact Us form.

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