The General Epistle of Barnabas

From, The Lost Books of the Bible
Edits, corrections and cross references by The Firmament

Chapter 1

1:1 “All happiness to you my sons and offspring in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who loved us, in peace.”
1:2 “Having perceived abundance of knowledge of the great and excellent laws of God to be in you, I exceedingly rejoice in your blessed and admirable souls, because you have so worthily received the grace which was grafted in you.”
1:3 “For which cause I am full of joy, hoping the rather to be saved; inasmuch as I truly see a spirit infused in you, from the pure fountain of God.”
1:4 “Having this persuasion, and being fully convinced thereof, because that since I have begun to speak to you, I have had a more than ordinary good success in the way of the law of the Lord which is in Christ.”
1:5 “For which cause brothers, I also think truly that I love you above my own soul: because that therein dwells the greatness of faith/truth and love, as also the hope of that life which is to come.”
1:6 “Wherefore considering this, that if I shall take care to communicate to you a part of what I have received, it shall turn to my reward, that I have served such good souls; I gave diligence to write in a few words to you; that together with your faith/truth, knowledge also may be perfect.”
1:7 “There are therefore three things ordained by the Lord; the hope of life; the beginning and the completion of it.”
1:8 “For the Lord has both declared to us, by the prophets those things that are past; and opened to us the beginnings of those that are to come.”
1:9 “Wherefore, it will behoove us, as he has spoken, to come more holily, and nearer to his altar.”
1:10 “I therefore, not as a teacher, but as one of you, will endeavor to lay before you a few things by which you may, on many accounts, become the more joyful.”