Joseph and Aseneth

Edits, corrections and cross references by The Firmament

Chapter 1

1:1 “And it happened in the first year of the seven years of plenty, in the second month, on the fifth of the month. Pharaoh sent Joseph out to drive around the whole land of Egypt.”
1:2 “And Joseph came in the fourth month of the first year, on the eighteenth of the month, into the territory of Heliopolis, and was gathering the grain of that region like the sand of the sea.”
1:3 “And there was a man in that city, a satrap of Pharaoh, and this man was a chief of all the satraps and the noblemen of Pharaoh. And this man was exceedingly rich and prudent and gentle, and he was a counselor of Pharaoh, because he was understanding beyond all the noblemen of Pharaoh. And the name of that man was Pentephres, priest of Heliopolis.”
1:4 “And he had a daughter, a virgin of eighteen years, she was very tall and handsome and beautiful to look at beyond all virgins on the earth.”
1:5 “And this girl had nothing similar to the virgins of the Egyptians, but she was in every respect similar to the daughters of the Hebrews; and she was tall as Sarah and handsome as Rebecca and beautiful as Rachel. And the name of that virgin was Aseneth.”
1:6 “And the fame of her beauty spread all over that land and to the ends of the inhabited world. And all the sons of the noblemen and the sons of the satraps and the sons of all kings, all of them young and powerful, asked for her hand in marriage, and there was much wrangling among them over Aseneth, and they made attempts to fight against each other because of her.”
1:7 “And Pharaoh’s firstborn son heard about her and he kept entreating his father to give her to him for his wife. And his firstborn son said to Pharaoh, Father, give me Aseneth, the daughter of Pentephres, the priest of Heliopolis, for my wife.”
1:8 “And Pharaoh, his father, said to him, Why do you seek a wife that is beneath you, and you are king of the whole land of Egypt?”
1:9 “Behold, is not the daughter of the king of Moab, Joakim, betrothed to you, and she is a queen and exceedingly beautiful? This one take for your wife.”