The Apocryphon of James

Apoc of James :1   “James writes to […]thos: Peace [be with you from] Peace, [love from] Love, [grace from] Grace, [faith] from Faith, life from Holy Life!”

Apoc of James :2   “Since you asked that I send you a secret book which was revealed to me and Peter by the Lord, I could not turn you away or gainsay () you; but I have written it in the Hebrew alphabet and sent it to you, and you alone.  But since you are a minister of the salvation of the saints, endeavor earnestly and take care not to rehearse this text to many – this that the Savior did not wish to tell to all of us, his twelve disciples.  But blessed will they be who will be saved through the faith of this discourse.”

Apoc of James :3   “I also sent you, ten months ago, another secret book which the Savior had revealed to me. Under the circumstances, however, I regard that one as revealed to me, James; but this one […].”

Apoc of James :4   “Now when the twelve disciples were all sitting together and recalling what the Savior had said to each one of them, whether in secret or openly, and [setting it in order] in books – but I was writing that which was in [my book] – lo, the Savior appeared, [after] he had departed from us, and we had waited for him.  And after five hundred and fifty days since he had risen from the dead, we said to him, “Have you departed and removed yourself from us?”

Apoc of James :5   “But Jesus said, “No, but I shall go to the place from whence I came.  If you wish to come with me, come!”

Apoc of James :6   “They all answered and said, “If you bid us, we come.”

Apoc of James :7   “He said, “Verily I say unto you, no one will ever enter the kingdom of heaven at my bidding, but (only) because you yourselves are full.  Leave James and Peter to me that I may fill them.”  And having called these two he drew them aside and bade the rest occupy themselves with that which they were about.

Apoc of James :8   “The Savior said, “You have received mercy […]. Do you not, then, desire to be filled?  And your heart is drunken; do you not, then, desire to be sober?  Therefore be ashamed! Henceforth, waking or sleeping, remember that you have seen the Son of Man, and spoken with him in person, and listened to him in person.  Woe to those who have seen the son of man; blessed will they be who have not seen the man, and they who have not consorted with him, and they who have not spoken with him, and they who have not listened to anything from him: yours is life!  Know, then, that he healed you when you were ill that you might reign.  Woe to those who have found relief from their illness, for they will relapse into illness.  Blessed will they be who have not been ill, and have known relief before falling ill: yours is the kingdom of God.  Therefore I say to you, become full and leave no space within you empty, for he who is coming can mock you.”

Apoc of James :9   “Then Peter replied, “Lo, three times you have told us, ‘Become filled’; [but] we are full.”

Apoc of James :10   “[The Savior answered] and said, “[For this cause I have said] to you, ‘[Become filled]’ that [you] may not [be in want.  They who are in want], however, will not [be saved].  For it is good to be full, and bad to be in want.  Hence, just as it is good that you (sing.) be in want and, conversely, bad that you be full, so he who is full is in want, and he who is in want does not become full as he who is in want becomes full, and he who has been filled, in turn, attains due perfection.  Therefore you must be in want while it is possible to fill you (pl.), and be full while it is possible for you to be in want, so that you may be able [to fill] yourselves the more.  Hence become full of the Spirit, but be in want of reason, for it is reason; the soul, in turn, is soul.”

Apoc of James :11   “But I answered and said to him, “Lord, we can obey you if you wish, for we have forsaken our fathers and our mothers and our villages and followed you.  Grant us not to be tempted by the devil, the evil one.”

Apoc of James :12   “The Lord answered and said, “What is your merit if you do the will of the Father and it is not given to you from him as a gift while you are tempted by Satan?  But if you are oppressed by Satan and persecuted and you do his (the Father’s) will, I [say] that he will love you, and make you equal with me, and reckon [you] to become beloved through his providence by your own choice.  So will you not cease loving the flesh and being afraid of sufferings?  Or do you not know that you have yet to be abused and to be accused unjustly; and have yet to be shut up in prison, and condemned unlawfully, and crucified <without> reason, and buried <shamefully>, as (was) I myself, by the evil one?  Do you dare to spare the flesh, you for whom the Spirit is an encircling wall?  If you consider how long the world existed <before> you, and how long it will exist after you, you will find that your life is one single day and your sufferings one single hour.  For the good will not enter into the world.  Scorn death, therefore, and take thought for life!  Remember my crucifixion and my death, and you will live!”

Apoc of James :13   “But I answered and said to him, “Lord, do not mention to us the crucifixion and death, for they are far from you.”

Apoc of James :14   “The Lord answered and said, “Verily I say unto you, none will be saved unless they believe in my crucifixion.  But those who have believed in my crucifixion, theirs is the kingdom of God.  Therefore become seekers for death, like the dead who seek for life, for that which they seek is revealed to them.  And what is there to trouble them?  As for you, when you examine death, it will teach you election.  Verily I say unto you, none of those who fear death will be saved; for the kingdom of God belongs to those who put themselves to death.  Become better than I; make yourselves like the son of the Holy Spirit!”

Apoc of James :15   “Then I asked him, “Lord, how shall we be able to prophesy to those who request us to prophesy to them?  For there are many who ask us, and look to us to hear an oracle from us.”

Apoc of James :16   “The Lord answered and said, “Do you not know that the head of prophesy was cut off with John?”

Apoc of James :17   “But I said, “Lord, can it be possible to remove the head of prophecy?”

Apoc of James :18   “The Lord said to me, “When you come to know what ‘head’ means, and that prophecy issues from the head, (then) understand the meaning of ‘Its head was removed.’  At first I spoke to you in parables and you did not understand; now I speak to you openly, and you (still) do not perceive.  Yet it was you who served me as a parable in parables, and as that which is open in the (words) that are open.”

Apoc of James :19   “Hasten to be saved without being urged! Instead, be eager of your own accord and, if possible, arrive even before me, for thus the Father will love you.”

Apoc of James :20   “Come to hate hypocrisy and the evil thought; for it is the thought that gives birth to hypocrisy; but hypocrisy is far from truth.”

Apoc of James :21   “Do not allow the kingdom of heaven to wither; for it is like a palm shoot whose fruit has poured down around it. It put forth leaves, and after they had sprouted they caused the pith to dry up.  So it is also with the fruit which had grown from this single root; when it had been picked (?), fruit was borne by many (?).  It (the root) was certainly good, (and) if it were possible to produce the new plants now, you (sing.) would find it(?)”

Apoc of James :22   “Since I have already been glorified in this fashion, why do you (pl.) hold me back in my eagerness to go?  For after the [end] you have compelled me to stay with you another eighteen days for the sake of the parables.  It was enough for some <to listen> to the teaching and understand ‘The Shepherds’ and ‘The Seed’ and ‘The Building’ and ‘The Lamps of the Virgins’ and ‘The Wage of the Workmen’ and ‘The Didrachmae’ and ‘The Woman.’

Apoc of James :23   “Become earnest about the word!  For as to the word, its first part is faith, the second, love, the third, works; for from these comes life.  For the word is like a grain of wheat: when someone had sown it, he had faith in it; and when it had sprouted, he loved it because he had seen many grains in place of one.  And when he had worked, he was saved because he had prepared it for food, (and) again he left (some) to sow.  So also can you yourselves receive the kingdom of heaven; unless you receive this through knowledge, you will not be able to find it.”

Apoc of James :24   “Therefore I say to you, be sober; do not be deceived!  And many times have I said to you all together, and also to you alone, James, have I said, be saved!  And I have commanded you (sing.) to follow me, and I have taught you what to say before the archons.  Observe that I have descended and have spoken and undergone tribulation and carried off my crown after saving you (pl.). For I came down to dwell with you so that you in turn might dwell with me. And, finding your houses unceiled, I have made my abode in the houses that could receive me at the time of my descent.”

Apoc of James :25   “Therefore trust in me, my brethren; understand what the great light is.  The Father has no need of me, for a father does not need a son; but it is the son who needs the father.  To him I go, for the Father of the Son has no need of you.”

Apoc of James :26   “Hearken to the word; understand knowledge; love life, and no one will persecute you, nor will anyone oppress you, other than you yourselves.”

Apoc of James :27   “O you wretches; O you unfortunates; O you pretenders to the truth; O you falsifiers of knowledge; O you sinners against the Spirit: can you still bear to listen when it behooved you to speak from the first?  Can you still bear to sleep, when it behooved you to be awake from the first, so that the kingdom of heaven might receive you?  Verily I say unto you, it is easier for a pure one to fall into defilement, and for a man of light to fall into darkness, than for you to reign or not reign.”

Apoc of James :28   “I remembered your tears and your mourning and your anguish; they are far behind us.  But now, you who are outside of the Father’s inheritance, weep where it is necessary, and mourn and preach what is good, as the Son is ascending as he should. Verily I say to you, had I been sent to those who listen to me, and had I spoken with them, I would never have come down to earth.  So, then, be ashamed before (?) them now!”

Apoc of James :29   “Behold, I shall depart from you and go away, and do not wish to remain with you any longer, just as you yourselves have not wished it.  Now, therefore, follow me quickly.  This is why I say to you, for your sakes I came down.  You are the beloved; you are they who will be the cause of life in many.  Invoke the Father, implore God often, and he will give to you.  Blessed is he who has seen you with Him when He was proclaimed among the angels, and glorified among the saints; yours is life.  Rejoice and be glad as sons of God.  Keep (his) will that you may be saved; accept reproof from me and save yourselves. I intercede on your behalf with the Father, and he will forgive you much.”

Apoc of James :30   “And when we had heard these words, we became glad, for we had been grieved at the words we have mentioned before. But when he saw us rejoicing, he said, “Woe to you, you who lack an advocate!  Woe to you, you who stand in need of grace!  Blessed will they be who have spoken out and obtained grace for themselves.  Liken yourselves to foreigners; of what sort are they in the eyes of your city?  Why are you disturbed when you cast yourselves away of your own accord and separate yourselves from your city?  Why do you abandon your dwelling place of your own accord, making it ready for those who want to dwell in it?  O you outcasts and fugitives: woe to you, for you will be caught!  Or do you perhaps think that the Father is a lover of mankind, or that he is won over without prayers, or that he grants remission to one on another’s behalf, or that he bears with one who asks? – For he knows the desire and also what it is that the flesh needs! – (Or do you think) that it is not this (flesh) that desires the soul?  For without the soul the body does not sin, just as the soul is not saved without spirit.  But if the soul is saved (when it is) without evil, and the spirit is also saved, then the body becomes free from sin.  For it is the spirit that quickens the soul, but the body that kills it; that is, it is it (the soul) which kills itself.  Verily I say unto you, he will not forgive the soul the sin by any means, nor the flesh the guilt; for none of those who have worn the flesh will be saved.  For do you think that many have found the kingdom of heaven?  Blessed is he who has seen himself as a fourth one in heaven!”

Apoc of James :31   “When we heard these words, we were distressed. But when he saw that we were distressed, he said, “For this cause I tell you this, that you may know yourselves.  For the kingdom of heaven is like an ear of grain after it had sprouted in a field.  And when it had ripened, it scattered its fruit and again filled the field with ears for another year.  You also: hasten to reap an ear of life for yourselves that you may be filled with the kingdom!”

Apoc of James :32   “And as long as I am with you, give heed to me and obey me; but when I depart from you, remember me.  And remember me because I was with you (and) you did not know me.  Blessed will they be who have known me; woe to those who have heard and have not believed.  Blessed will they be who have not seen yet [have believed].

Apoc of James :33   “And once more I prevail upon you, for I am revealed to you building a house which is of great value to you since you find shelter beneath it, just as it will be able to stand by your neighbors’ house when it threatens to fall.  Verily I say unto you, woe to those for whose sakes I was sent down to this place; blessed will they be who ascend to the Father.  Once more I reprove you, you who are: become like those who are not, that you may be with those who are not.”

Apoc of James :34   “Do not make the kingdom of heaven a desert within you.  Do not be proud because of the light that illumines, but be to yourselves as I myself am to you.  For your sakes I have placed myself under the curse, that you may be saved.”

Apoc of James :35   “But Peter replied to these words and said, “Sometimes you urge us on to the kingdom of heaven, and then again you turn us back, Lord; sometimes you persuade and draw us to faith and promise us life, and then again you cast us forth from the kingdom of heaven.”

Apoc of James :36   “But the Lord answered and said to us, “I have given you (pl.) faith many times; moreover, I have revealed myself to you (sing.), James, and you (pl.) have not known me.  Now again I see you (pl.) rejoicing many times; and when you are elated at the promise of life, are you yet sad, and do you grieve when you are instructed in the kingdom?  But you, through faith [and] knowledge, have received life. Therefore, disdain the rejection when you hear it, but when you hear the promise, rejoice the more.  Verily I say unto you, he who will receive life and believe in the kingdom will never leave it, not even if the Father wishes to banish him.”

Apoc of James :37   “These are the things that I shall tell you so far; now, however, I shall ascend to the place from whence I came. But you, when I was eager to go, have cast me out, and instead of accompanying me, you have pursued me.  But pay heed to the glory that awaits me and, having opened your heart, listen to the hymns that await me up in the heavens; for today I must take (my place at) the right hand of the Father.  But I have said (my) last word to you, and I shall depart from you, for a chariot of spirit has borne me aloft, and from this moment on I shall strip myself that I may clothe myself.  But give heed: blessed are they who have proclaimed the Son before his descent that, when I have come, I might ascend again). Thrice blessed are they who [were] proclaimed by the Son before they came to be, that you might have a portion among them.”

Apoc of James :38   Having said these words, he departed. But we bent (our) knee(s), I and Peter, and gave thanks and sent our heart(s) upward to heaven.  We heard with our ears, and saw with our eyes, the noise of wars and a trumpet blare and a great turmoil.”

Apoc of James :39   “And when we had passed beyond that place, we sent our mind(s) farther upward and saw with our eyes and heard with our ears hymns and angelic benedictions and angelic rejoicing. And heavenly majesties were singing praises, and we too rejoiced.”

Apoc of James :40   “After this again we wished to send our spirit upward to the Majesty, and after ascending we were not permitted to see or hear anything, for the other disciples called us and asked us, “What did you hear from the Master?  And what did he say to you?  And where has he gone?”

Apoc of James :41   “But we answered them, “He has ascended, and he has given us pledge and promised life to us all and revealed to us children who are to come after us, after bidding [us] love them, as we would be, [saved] for their sakes.”

Apoc of James :42   “And when they heard (this), they indeed believed the revelation, but were displeased about those to be born. And so, not wishing to arouse their resentment, I sent each one to another place.  But I myself went up to Jerusalem, praying that I might obtain a portion among the beloved, who will appear.”

Apoc of James :43   “And I pray that the beginning may come from you, for thus I shall be capable of salvation, since they will be enlightened through me, by my faith – and through another light that is better than mine, for I would that mine be the lesser. Endeavor earnestly, then, to make yourself like them and I pray that you may obtain a portion among them.  For apart from the persons I have mentioned, the Savior did not give us the revelation. For their sake we proclaim indeed, a portion among those for whom the proclamation was made, those whom the Lord has made his children.”

“For the earnest expectation of the creation waits for the manifestation of the children of God.”

Romans 8:19

The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles

Acts of Peter :1   “[…] which […] purpose [… after …] us […] apostles […].  We sailed […] of the body. [Others] were not anxious in [their hearts].  And in our hearts, we were united.  We agreed to fulfill the ministry to which the Lord appointed us.  And we made a covenant with each other.”

Acts of Peter :2   “We went down to the sea at an opportune moment, which came to us from the Lord.  We found a ship moored at the shore ready to embark, and we spoke with the sailors of the ship about our coming aboard with them.  They showed great kindliness toward us as was ordained by the Lord.  And after we had embarked, we sailed a day and a night.  After that, a wind came up behind the ship and brought us to a small city in the midst of the sea.”

Acts of Peter :3   “And I, Peter, inquired about the name of this city from residents who were standing on the dock.  [A man] among [them] answered [saying, “The name] of this [city is Habitation, that is], Foundation […] endurance.”  And the leader [among them … holding] the palm branch at the edge of [the dock].  And after we had gone ashore [with the] baggage, I [went] into [the] city, to seek [advice] about lodging.”

Acts of Peter :4   “A man came out wearing a cloth bound around his waist, and a gold belt girded [it].  Also a napkin was tied over [his] chest, extending over his shoulders and covering his head and his arms.”

Acts of Peter :5   “I was staring at the man, because he was beautiful in his form and stature.  There were four parts of his body which I saw: the tops of his feet, and a part of his chest, and the palm of his hand, and his visage.  These things I was able to see.  A book cover like (those of) my books was in his left hand.  A staff of styrax wood was in his right hand.  His voice was resounding as he slowly spoke, crying out in the city, “Pearls!  Pearls!”

<Jesus said,> “Do not give what is holy to the dogs, lest they throw them on the dung-heap.  Do not throw the pearls to swine, lest they grind it [to bits].”

Gospel of Thomas :93 & Matthew 7:6

Acts of Peter :6   “I, indeed, thought he was a man [of] that city. I said to him “My brother and my friend!”  [He answered] me, [then, saying, “Rightly] did you say, ‘[My brother and] my friend.’ What is it you [seek] from me?” I said to him, “[I ask] you [about] lodging for me [and the] brothers also, because we are strangers here.” He said [to] me, “For this reason have I myself just said, ‘My brother and my friend,’  because I also am a fellow stranger like you.”

Acts of Peter :7   “And having said these things, he cried out, “Pearls!  Pearls!” The rich men of that city heard his voice.  They came out of their hidden storerooms.  And some were looking out from the storerooms of their houses. Others looked out from their upper windows.  And they did not see (that they could gain) anything from him, because there was no pouch on his back, nor bundle inside his cloth  and napkin.  And because of their disdain they did not even acknowledge him.  He for his part, did not reveal himself to them.  They returned to their storerooms, saying, “This man is mocking us.”

Acts of Peter :8   “And the poor [of that city] heard [his voice, and they came to] the man [who sells pearls.  They said, “We] beseech you to [show us a] pearl [so that we may], then, [see] it with our (own) eyes.  For we are [poor].  And we do not have this price to pay for it.  But [allow us] to say to our friends that [we saw] a pearl with our (own) eyes.”  He answered, saying to them, “If it is possible, come to my city, so that I may not only show it before your (very) eyes, but give it to you for nothing.”

Acts of Peter :9   “And indeed they, the poor of that city, heard and said, “Since we are beggars, we surely know that a man does not give a pearl to a beggar, but (it is) bread and money that is usually received.  Now then, the kindness which we want to receive from you (is) that you show us the pearl before our eyes. And we will say to our friends proudly that we saw a pearl with our (own) eyes”, because it is not found among the poor, especially such beggars (as these).  He answered (and) said to them, “If it is possible, you yourselves come to my city, so that I may not only show you it, but give it to you for nothing.”  The poor and the beggars rejoiced because of the man [who gives for] nothing.”

Acts of Peter :10   “[The men asked Peter] about the hardships. Peter answered [that it was impossible to tell] those things that he had heard about the hardships of [the] way, because [interpreters were] difficult […] in their ministry.”

Acts of Peter :11   “He said to the man who sells this pearl, “I want to know your name and the hardships of the way to your city because we are strangers and servants of God. It is necessary for us to spread the word of God in every city harmoniously.”  He answered and said, “If you seek my name, Lithargoel is my name, the interpretation of which is, the light, gazelle-like(?) stone.”  (“gazelle” in Hebrew is #6643, “splendor/splendid” in the sense of “prominent” – Grk #3037, lithos; “stone” + #696, argos: “shining”) =>  shining stone of God

Acts of Peter :12   “And also (concerning) the road to the city, which you asked me about, I will tell you about it.  No man is able to go on that road, except one who has forsaken everything that he has and has fasted daily from stage to stage.  For many are the robbers and wild beasts on that road.  The one who carries bread with him on the road, the black dogs kill because of the bread. The one who carries a costly garment of the world with him, the robbers kill [because of the] garment.  [The one who carries] water [with him, the wolves kill because of the water], since they were thirsty [for] it. [The one who] is anxious about [meat] and green vegetables, the lions eat because of the meat.  [If] he evades the lions, the bulls devour him because of the green vegetables.”

Acts of Peter :13   “When he had said [these] things to me, I sighed within myself saying, “[Great] hardships are on the road! If only Jesus would give us power to walk it!”  He looked at me since my face was sad, and I sighed.  He said to me, “Why do you sigh, if you, indeed, know this name ‘Jesus’ and believe him?  He is a great power for giving strength.  For I too believe in the Father who sent him.”

Acts of Peter :14   “I replied, asking him, “What is the name of the place to which you go, your city?”  He said to me, “This is the name of my city, ‘Nine Gates.’  Let us praise God as we are mindful that the tenth is the head.” After this I went away from him in peace.”

Acts of Peter :15   “As I was about to go and call my friends, I saw waves and large high walls surrounding the bounds of the city.  I marveled at the great things I saw. I saw an old man sitting and I asked him if the name of the city was really [Habitation].  He […], “[Habitation …].”  He said to me, “[You speak] truly, for we [inhabit] here because [we] endure.”

Acts of Peter :16   “[I responded], saying, “Justly […] have men named it […], because (by) everyone [who] endures his trial, cities are inhabited; and a precious kingdom comes from them, because they endure in the midst of the apostasies and the difficulties of the storms.  So that in this way, the city of everyone who endures the burden of his yoke of faith will be inhabited, and he will be included in the kingdom of heaven.”

Acts of Peter :17   “I hurried and went and called my friends so that we might go to the city which he, Lithargoel, appointed for us.  In a bond of faith we forsook everything as he had said (to do).  We evaded the robbers, because they did not find their garments with us.  We evaded the wolves, because they did not find the water with us for which they thirsted.  We evaded the lions, because they did not find the desire for meat with us.  [We evaded the bulls … they did not find] green vegetables.”

Acts of Peter :18   “A great joy [came upon] us [and a] peaceful carefreeness [like that of] our Lord. We [rested ourselves] in front of the gate, [and] we talked with each other [about that] which is not a distraction of this [world].  Rather we continued in contemplation of the faith.”

Acts of Peter :19   “As we discussed the robbers on the road, whom we evaded, behold Lithargoel, having changed, came out to us.  He had the appearance of a physician, since an unguent box was under his arm, and a young disciple was following him, carrying a pouch full of medicine.  We did not recognize him.”

Acts of Peter :20   “Peter responded and said to him, “We want you to do us a favor, because we are strangers, and take us to the house of Lithargoel before evening comes.”  He said, “In uprightness of heart I will show it to you.  But I am amazed at how you knew this good man.  For he has not revealed himself to every man, because he himself is the son of a great king.  Rest yourselves a little so that I may go and heal this man and come (back).”  He hurried and came (back) quickly.”

Acts of Peter :21   “He said to Peter, “Peter!”  And Peter was frightened, for how did he know that his name was Peter?  Peter responded to the Savior, “How do you know me, for you called my name?”  Lithargoel answered, “I want to ask you who gave the name Peter to you?” He said to him, “It was Jesus Christ, the son of the living God.  He gave this name to me.”  He answered and said, “It is I!  Recognize me, Peter.” He loosened his garment, which clothed him, the one into which he had changed himself because of us, revealing to us in truth that it was he.”

Acts of Peter :22   “We prostrated ourselves on the ground and worshipped him.  We comprised eleven disciples.  He stretched forth his hand and caused us to stand.  We spoke with him humbly.  Our heads were bowed down in unworthiness as we said, “What you wish we will do.  But give us power to do what you wish at all times.”

Acts of Peter :23   “He gave them the unguent box and the pouch that was in the hand of the young disciple.  He commanded them like this, saying, “Go into [the] city from which you came, which is called Habitation.  Continue in endurance as you teach all those who have believed in my name, because I have endured in hardships of the faith. I will give you your reward. To the poor of that city give what they need in order to live until I give them what is better, which I told you that I will give you for nothing.”

Acts of Peter :24   “Peter answered and said to him, “Lord, you have taught us to forsake the world and everything in it. We have renounced them for your sake.  What we are concerned about (now) is the food for a single day.  Where will we be able to find the needs that you ask us to provide for the poor?”

Acts of Peter :25   “The Lord answered and said,  “O Peter, it was necessary that you understand the parable that I told you!  Do you not understand that my name, which you teach, surpasses all riches, and the wisdom of God surpasses gold, and silver, and precious stone(s)?”

Acts of Peter :26   “He gave them the pouch of medicine and said, “Heal all the sick of the city who believe [in] my name.” Peter was afraid [to] reply to him for the second time.  He signaled to the one who was beside him, who was John: “You talk this time.”  John answered and said, “Lord, before you we are afraid to say many words. But it is you who asks us to practice this skill. We have not been taught to be physicians. How then will we know how to heal bodies as you have told us?”

Acts of Peter :27   “He answered him, “Rightly have you spoken, John, for I know that the physicians of this world heal what belongs to the world.  The physicians of souls, however, heal the heart.  Heal the bodies first, therefore, so that through the real powers of healing for their bodies, without medicine of the world, they may believe in you, that you have power to heal the illnesses of the heart also.”

Acts of Peter :28   “The rich men of the city, however, those who did not see fit even to acknowledge me, but who reveled in their wealth and pride, with such as these, therefore, do not dine in [their] house nor be friends with them, lest their partiality influence you. For many in the churches have shown partiality to the rich, because they also are sinful, and they give occasion for others to do (likewise).  But judge them with uprightness, so that your ministry may be glorified, and (so that) I too, and my name, may be glorified in the churches.”  The disciples answered and said, “Yes, truly this is what is fitting to do.”

Acts of Peter :29   “They prostrated themselves on the ground and worshipped him.  He caused them to stand and departed from them in peace.  Amen.”

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