The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 10

10:1 “And in the third week of this jubilee the evil demons began to lead astray the sons of Noah and deceived them and destroyed them.”
10:2 “And the sons came to Noah their father and told him concerning the demons which were leading astray, darkening, and slaying the sons of their sons.”
10:3 “And he prayed before the Lord his God, and he said: “Lord of the spirits of all flesh, you who has shown mercy to me and has delivered me and my children from the waters of the deluge, and has not suffered me to be destroyed as you did the children of destruction, for your grace was great over men, and great was your mercy over my soul; may your grace be exalted over the sons of your sons, and may the evil spirit not rule over them to destroy them off the earth. And you have verily blessed me and my sons that we increase and multiply and fill the earth.”
10:4 “And you know how the Watchmen, the fathers of these spirits, acted in my day; and these spirits also which are alive, cast them into prison and hold them in the places of judgment, and let them not destroy the sons of your servant, my God, for they are terrible and created for destroying; and may they not rule over the spirits of the living; for you alone know their judgment.”
10:5 “And let them have no sway over the children of the righteous from now on and to eternity.”
10:6 “And our God said unto us that we should bind all.”
10:7 “And the angel of the spirits, Mastema, came and said: “O Lord, Creator, leave some of them before me, and they shall hear my voice and they shall do all things that I tell them; for if you do not leave any of them to me I shall not be able to accomplish the power of my will among the children of men, for they are here for corrupting, and destroying, and leading astray before the judgment, for great is their wickedness to the children of men.”
10:8 “And he said: “The tenth part of them shall be left before him and nine parts shall descend into the place of judgment.”
10:9 “And one of us said: “We will teach Noah all their medicines”; for they did not walk in righteousness, and did not contend in uprightness. And we did according to his word; all the wicked ones that were terrible we bound in the place of judgment, but the tenth part of them we left, that they should be judged before satan on the earth.”
10:10 “And the medicines of all their sicknesses we explained to Noah together with all their deceptions how to heal them with the plants of the earth.”
10:11 “And Noah wrote all these down in a book as we instructed him, concerning every kind of medicines, and the evil spirits were held away from the sons of Noah.”
10:12 “And he gave all the writings which he had written to Shem, his oldest son, for him he loved exceedingly above all his children.”
10:13 “And Noah slept with his fathers and was buried on Mount Lubar, in the land of Ararat.”
10:14 “Nine hundred and fifty years he completed in his life; nineteen jubilees and two weeks and five years; he excelled in his life on the earth the children of men on account of his righteousness, in which he, alone, was perfect, with the exception of Enoch.”
10:15 “For the history of Enoch is made a testimony to the generations of eternity to announce all the deeds of the generation on the day of judgment.”
10:16 “In the thirty third (fourth) jubilee, in the first year of the second week, Phalek took to himself a wife, whose name was Lamna, the daughter of Sinaar, and she bore him a son in the fourth year of this week, and he called his name Ragev, for he said: “Behold, the sons of men have become evil through a plan of wickedness, because they build for themselves a city and a tower in the land of Sinaar”; for they separated from the land of Ararat toward the east to Sinaar, for in his day they were building a city and a tower, saying: “We will ascend on it into heaven.”
10:17 “And they began to build in the fourth week, and they burned with fire, and they used bricks for stones, and the clay with which they joined them was asphalt, which comes out of the sea and out of the fountains of water in the land of Sinaar, and they built forty years, and three years they were making bricks…”
10:18 “And the Lord our God said to us: “Behold it is one people that has commenced to do it, and now I shall not let go of them; behold, we will descend and mix their tongues, and one shall not hear the other and they shall be scattered into cities and into nations and one counsel shall no longer abide with them until the day of judgment.”
10:19 “And the Lord descended, and we descended with him to see the city and tower which the children of men were building.”
10:20 “And he confounded all the speech of their tongues, and they no longer heard the voice one of the other, and they ceased then to build the city and the tower. On this account the whole land of Sinaar is called Babel, because there God confused all the tongues of the children of men, and from there they were scattered to all their cities, each according to his language and his nation. And the Lord sent a great wind against the tower and it overturned it upon the ground, and behold, (it stood) between the land of Assur and Babylon in the land of Sinaar, and they called its name Ruins.”
10:21 “And in the fourth week, in the first year of the thirty-fourth jubilee they were scattered out of the land of Sinaar.”
10:22 “And Ham and his sons went into the land which he had taken, which fell to him by lot in the land of the north (south); and Kainaan saw the land of the Libanon to the canal of Egypt that it was very good, and he did not go into the land of his inheritance to the west of the sea, and dwelt in the land of Libanon on the coast of the sea.”
10:23 “And Ham, his father, and Cush and Mezrem, his brothers, said to him: “You have settled in a land which is not yours and did not fall to us by lot, you should not do thus; for if you do thus, then you and your children will fall by condemnation in the land, and as cursed ones by sedition, for by sedition you have settled and by sedition your children will fall and you will be rooted out to eternity.”
10:24 “Do not dwell in the dwelling place of Shem, for to Shem and his children was it given by lot.”
10:25 “Cursed are you and cursed shall you be above all the sons of Noah by the curse which we covenanted with an oath between us in the presence of the holy judge and before Noah our father.”
10:26 “But he did not listen to them and dwelt in the land of Libanon from Emath to the entrance of Egypt, he and his sons until this day.”
10:27 “And on this account this land is called Canaan.”
10:28 “But Japheth and his sons went toward the east and dwelt in their portions and Madi saw the land of the sea, and it pleased him, and he begged it from Elam, and Assur, and Arphaksed, the brother of his wife, and he dwelt in the land Medkin, near to the brother of his wife until this day.”
10:29 “And he called his dwelling place and the dwelling place of his sons Madakia, by the name of their father Madai.”

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