The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 13

13:1 “And Abram went from Haran, and took Sara, his wife, and Lot, the son of his brother Aran, to the land of Canaan, and he came into the land of Asur, and proceeded to Sakimon, and dwelt near a great oak. And he saw the land, and, behold, it was very beautiful from the entrance of Emet to the great mountains.”
13:2 “And the Lord said to him: “To you and to your seed I will give this land.”
13:3 “And he built an altar there, and brought upon it a sacrifice to the Lord who had appeared to him.”
13:4 “And he arose from there, with the hill Bethel toward the sea (west), and Ai to the east, and fixed his tent there.”
13:5 “And he saw, and, behold, the land was pleasant and extended and very wide, and every thing grew on it, vines and figs and pomegranates and terebinths and oil trees and cedars and Lebanon trees and cypresses and all the trees of the field; and water was upon the hills.”
13:6 “And he blessed/praised the Lord who had led him out of Ur of the Chaldees and brought him to this mountain.”
13:7 “And it happened in the first year, in the seventh week, at the new moon of the first month, that he built an altar on this hill, and called upon the name of the Lord: “You are my God, the God unto eternity.”
13:8 “And he placed upon the altar a sacrifice unto the Lord, that he should be with him and should not desert him all the days of his life.”
13:9 “And he arose from there and went toward the north, and he came to Hebron, and Hebron was built at that time, and he dwelt there two years in the land to the north of Boa Lot, and there was a famine in the land, and Abram went into Egypt in the third year of this week, and he dwelt in Egypt five years before his wife was torn away from him.”
13:10 “But Tani (Taviv) in Egypt was then built in the seventh winter after Hebron.”
13:11 “And it happened that when Pharoah seized Sara, the wife of Abram, the Lord punished Pharoah and his whole house with large plagues, on account of Sara, the wife of Abram. And Abram was very conspicuous by wealth in sheep and oxen and asses and horses and camels and in man servants and in maid servants and in silver and in gold exceedingly, and Lot, also, the son of his brother, was wealthy.”
13:12 “And Pharoah brought back Sara, the wife of Abram, and sent him out of the land of Egypt; and he came to a place where he had first fixed his tent, at the place of the altar at Age to the east of Bethel, and he went and blessed/praised the Lord his God who had brought him back in peace.”
13:13 “And it happened in the forty first jubilee, in the third year of the first week, he returned to this place, and placed upon it a burnt sacrifice, and called upon the name of the Lord, and said: “You, O Lord, Most High God, are my God to all eternity.”
13:14 “And in the fourth year of this week Lot separated from him, and Lot dwelt in Sodom; but the men of Sodom were great sinners. And he grieved in his heart that the son of his brother had separated from him, for he had no children.”
13:15 “And in that year when Lot was taken captive, the Lord also said to Abram, after Lot had separated from him, in the fourth year of this week, and said: Lift up your eyes from the place here where you are dwelling toward the north and south and west and east.”
13:16 “For the whole land which you see I will give to you and your seed to eternity, and I will make your seed like the sand on the sea; and when man is able to count the sand on the sea, then your seed will be counted.”
13:17 “Arise and go through it in its length and breadth and see it all, for to your seed I will give it.”
13:18 “And Abram went to Hebron and dwelt there.”
13:19 “And in that year came Kolodogomor, the king of Elam, and Emalphel, the king of Sinar, and Ariok, the king of Selasar, and Tirgal, the king of the Gentiles/hethan, and slew the king of Gomorrha, and the king of Sodom fled, and many fell by wounds in Sedemav and in the salt district, and they took captive Sodom and Adam and Sheboem, and Lot, also, the son of the brother of Abram, and all his possessions, and went to Dan.”
13:20 “And one who had escaped came and told Abram, that the son of the brother of Abram had been taken captive.”
13:21 “And the house servant brought for Abram and his seed the first tenth to the Lord, and the Lord ordained it as an ordinance to eternity, that they should give (this) to the priests who served before him, that they should possess it forever.”
13:22 “And to this law is not a limit of days, but it is ordained to the generation of eternity, that they should give the tenth to the Lord, of their seed and of their wine and of their oil and of their oxen and of their sheep.”
13:23 “And he gave it to his priests to eat and to drink in joy before him.”
13:24 “And the king of Sodom came to him and bowed down before him, and said: “Our lord Abram, give us the souls you have saved, but let the booty be yours.”
13:25 “And Abram said to him: “I lift up my hands to God on high, from a thread to a shoe latchet I will take nothing from all that is yours, so that you say not, ‘I have made Abram rich,’ only except what the youths have eaten and the portion for the men who came with me, Avnan, Eskol, and Mamre, these shall take their share.”

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