The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 20

20:1 “And in the thirty-second jubilee, in the first year of the seventh week Abraham called Ishmael and his twelve sons, and Isaac and his two sons, and the six sons of Keturah and their sons.”
20:2 “And he commanded them that they should preserve the path of the Lord to do righteousness and should love each his neighbor, and that they should be thus in all the wars that they go into against every one that is against them, and do justice and righteousness over the earth, and that they circumcise their sons according to the covenant which he had made with them, and that they should not transgress neither to the right hand nor to the left from all the paths which the Lord had commanded them, and that they should preserve themselves from all uncleanness, and that we should remove from our midst all uncleanness and fornication.”
20:3 “And if any woman or maid commit fornication among you, burn her with fire, and do not commit fornication after their eyes and hearts; and that they should not take unto themselves wives from among the daughters of Canaan, for the seed of Canaan shall be rooted out of the land.”
20:4 “And he spoke to them concerning the judgment of the giants and the judgment of Sodom, that these had been judged on account of their wickedness, and on account of fornication and uncleanness and destruction among each other.”
20:5 “But be on your guard against all fornication and uncleanness and contamination of sin, so that you do not make our name a curse and bring your lives and your sons to destruction by the sword and you become accursed like Sodom, and all your remnant like the sons of Gomorrah.”
20:6 “And I call upon you as witnesses, my sons, love the God of heaven and submit to all his commandments, and do not walk after their idols and after their uncleanness, and do not make molten gods for yourselves nor wooden ones.”
20:7 “For they are vanity, and have no spirit, but they are the work of hands, and all who depend upon them . . . Do not worship them nor bow down to them.”
20:8 “But worship you the Most High God and bow down to him ever, and hope upon his face at all times, and do rectitude and righteousness before him, that he may find pleasure in you and give you his mercy, and send down rain to you morning and evening, and bless all your work which you do on the earth, and bless your grain and your water, and bless the seed of your body, and the seed of your land, and the herds of your oxen, and the herds of your sheep.”
20:9 “And you shall be for a blessing over the earth, and all the nations of the earth shall desire for you and will bless your sons in my name that they be blessed as I am.”
20:10 “And he gave to Ishmael his son and to the sons of Keturah a gift and sent them away from Isaac his son.”
20:11 “And Ishmael and his sons and the sons of Keturah and their sons went together and dwelt from Pharmon (Pharan) to the entrance of Babylon, in all the land which faces toward the east opposite the desert.”
20:12 “And these mingled with each other, and their name was called Arabs and Ishmaelites.”

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