The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 21

21:1 “And in the sixth year of the seventh week of this jubilee Abraham called Isaac his son, and his father commanded him saying: “I am gray and do not know the day of my death, for I am satisfied in my days.”
21:2 “And behold, my son, I am one hundred and seventy-five years old, and in all the days of my life I have ever remembered the Lord and sought with all my might that I might do the will of my God, and that I might walk aright in all his paths.”
21:3 “My soul hated idols so that I could be on my guard to do the will of him that created me, for he is the living God, and he is holy, and he is faithful, and he is just above all, and no evil is with him to have regard for persons and to take presents, for he is a god of righteousness, and a doer of judgment over all who transgress his commandments, and all that violate his covenant.”
21:4 “And you, my son, observe his commandments and his ordinance and his judgment, and walk not after the unclean and after the wooden images and after the molten ones.”
21:5 “And do not eat any blood of an animal, or of a beast, or of any bird that flies in the heavens.”
21:6 “And if you slaughter, slaughter as a pure sacrifice that is acceptable; slaughter it and pour out its blood upon the altar and all the fat of the sacrifice place upon the altar with flour and fruit offering, mixed with oil together with drink offering, place all this together upon the altar as a sacrifice of sweet savor before the Lord.”
21:7 “Like the fat of the thank offering lay them upon the fire, like the fat of the belly, and all the fat upon the entrails, and the two kidneys and all the fat that is upon them, and upon the thigh pieces, and the liver, together with the kidneys wrapped up in them; bring this all as a sweet savor which will be acceptable before the Lord together with fruit and drink offerings, you shall bring them all together for a sweet savor as the bread of the burnt offering for the Lord.”
21:8 “And the meat eat on that day and on the second day, and do not let the sun go down on it on the second day until it is eaten and nothing shall be left over for the third day, for it is not acceptable nor chosen, and it shall no longer be eaten, and all who eat bring sin upon themselves.”
21:9 “For thus have I found it written in the books of my forefathers, in the words of Enoch and in the words of Noah.”
21:10 “And upon all your sacrifices you shall put salt, and you shall not violate the covenant of salt in all your sacrifices before the Lord.”
21:11 “And watch all the wood of the sacrifices, that you do not bring sacrificing wood beside the following: cypress, and fir, and almond, and pine, and cedar, and savin, and citron, and olive, and myrrh, and balsam.”
21:12 “Of these kinds of wood lay upon the altar, under the sacrifice, having examined its appearance, and do not place any broken or dark wood; hard wood and unbroken, perfect, and nearly grown, and not old, for its savor is gone and there is no more savor in it, as at first.”
21:13 “Besides these kinds of wood you shall place no other kinds, for its savor has departed, and you shall send up the smell of its savor to heaven.”
21:14 “Observe this commandment and do it, my son, that you may be right in all your actions. And at all times be clean in your body and wash yourself with water, before you go to sacrifice upon the altar, and wash your hands and your feet before you approach the altar; and when you are done sacrificing, return and wash your hands and your feet.”
21:15 “And let there not appear upon any one of you any blood, nor upon your clothes: be on your guard, my son, guard yourself exceedingly against blood; bury it in the ground.”
21:16 “And do not eat any blood for it is the soul, eat no blood whatever.”
21:17 “And do not receive any present for any blood of man that it should be spilt in vain without judgment, for this blood which is spilt causes sin upon the earth, and it cannot be cleansed of the blood except by blood being shed; and do not receive a present or any gift for the blood of man; blood for blood; and you shall become acceptable before the Lord God Most High, and he will be the protector of good, and that you may be preserved from all evil and be saved from all death.”
21:18 “I see, my son, all the deeds of the sons of men, that they are sin and evil, and all their deeds are uncleanness, and rebellious and defiling, and there is no righteousness with them.”
21:19 “Guard yourself, do not go on their paths to step into their footprints and do not commit the error of death before the Most High God, lest he hide his face from you, and return you into the hands of your transgression and root you out of the land, and your seed from under heaven, and your name be destroyed and your seed from all the earth.”
21:20 “Preserve yourself from all their deeds and from all their uncleanness, and observe the observance of the Lord Most High and do his will and do right in all things.”
21:21 “And he will bless you in all your deeds, and will bring forth from you a plant of righteousness in all the earth, in all the generations of the earth. And my name shall be known, and your name, under heaven, in all the days.”
21:22 “Go, my son, in peace. May the Most High God, my God and your God, strengthen you to do his will, and may he bless all your seed and the descendants of your seeds to the generations of eternity, with all the blessings of righteousness, that you may be a blessing on all the earth.”
21:23 “And he went out from him, rejoicing happy.”

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