The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 26

26:1 “And in the seventh year of this week Isaac called Esau, his elder son, and said to him: “My son, I am old, and behold my eyes are dull of seeing, and I do not know the day of my death.”
26:2 “And now take your hunting weapon and your bow and your quiver, and go to the field and hunt and catch something for me, my son, and prepare me a meal such as my soul loves, and bring it to me, so that I may eat and my soul bless you before I die.”
26:3 “But Rebecca heard Isaac speaking to Esau.”
26:4 “And Esau went early to the field to hunt and catch something and bring it to his father.”
26:5 “And Rebecca called Jacob, her son, and said to him: “Behold, I have heard your father Isaac speaking with your brother Esau, saying, “Hunt me something and prepare a meal and bring it in to me, and I will bless you before the Lord before I die.”
26:6 “But now hear, my son, my words which I command you: Go to your flocks and bring me two good young kids, and I will make a meal out of them such as he loves, and you shall bring it in to your father and he shall eat, that he may bless you before the Lord before he dies, and you become blessed.”
26:7 “And Jacob said to his mother Rebecca: no mother, I will not hold back anything that my father may eat and is pleasing to him; only I fear, my mother, that he will know my voice and will desire to touch me; and you know that I am smooth, but my brother Esau is rough, and I may be before his eyes like an evil-doer, and I should do a deed which he has not commanded me, and he might become angry with me and I should bring a curse upon myself and not a blessing.”
26:8 “And Rebecca, his mother, said to him: “Upon me, my son, be your curse; and again listen to my voice.”
26:9 “And Jacob obeyed the words of his mother Rebecca, and he went and took two good and fat young kids and brought them in to his mother, and his mother made a meal out of them as he liked it.”
26:10 “And Rebecca took the clothing of her elder son Esau, the most precious with her in the house, and clothed Jacob with them, and the skins of kids she placed over his hands and upon the exposed parts of his body; and she gave the meat and the bread which she had made into the hands of her son Jacob.”
26:11 “And he went in to his father and said: “Behold, I am your son; I have done as you have said to me: arise and sit up and eat of what I have hunted, my father, that your soul may bless me.”
26:12 “And Isaac said to his son, “What is this, that you have so suddenly found it, my son?”
26:13 “And Jacob said to him: “He who has caused me to find it, your God, is before me.”
26:14 “And Isaac said: “Come hither to me, that I may touch you, my son, if you are my son Esau, or if not.”
26:15 “And Jacob came near to Isaac his father, and he touched him.”
26:16 “And he said: “The voice is the voice of Jacob, but the hand is the hand of Esau”; and he did not know him, for it was a fate from heaven to remove his spirit; and Isaac did not know him, for his hands were like his (i.e., Esau’s) hands, and hairy like the hands of Esau, so that he should bless him.”
26:17 “And he said, “Are you my son Esau?” And he said, “I am your son.” And he said: “Bring hither to me, and I will eat of what you have hunted, my son, that my soul may bless you.”
26:18 “And he brought to him the meal, and he ate; and he brought in wine, and he drank.”
26:19 “And Isaac, his father, said to him: “Approach and kiss me, my son”; and he approached and kissed him.”
26:20 “And he smelt the smell of his clothes, and he blessed him, and said: “Behold, the smell of my son is like the smell of the field which the Lord has blessed; and may the Lord give you and increase you like the dew of the heaven and the dew of earth, and may grain increase and oil be plenty to you, and may the nations serve you and the peoples bow down to you.”
26:21 “Be the lord of your brother, and may the sons of your mother bow down to you, and may all the blessings with which the Lord has blessed me and has blessed my father Abraham be yours and your seed’s to eternity: he that curses you shall be cursed, and he that blesses you shall be blessed.”
26:22 “And when Isaac ended blessing his son Jacob, then Jacob went out from Isaac his father to hide himself.”
26:23 “But Esau, his brother, came in from hunting, and said to his father, “Arise, my father, and eat of my prey, that your soul may bless me.”
26:24 “And Isaac, his father, said to him, “Who are you?”
26:25 “And he said to him, “I am your first-born son Esau; I have done as you have commanded me.”
26:26 “And Isaac was very much astounded, and said: “Who was he that hunted and caught something for me, and brought it in, and I ate of all before you came in, and I blessed him?”
26:27 “Blessed shall he be and his seed to eternity.”
26:28 “And when Esau heard the words of his father Isaac he cried with a loud and very bitter voice, and said to his father: “Bless me too, father!”
26:29 “And he said to him, “Your brother came and took your blessing.”
26:30 “(And Esau said:) “And now I know why his name is called Jacob; behold he has ensnared me twice; the first time he took my birth-right, and now he takes my blessing.”
26:31 “And he said, “Have you not a blessing left for me, my father?”
26:32 “And Isaac answered and said to Esau: “Behold, I have set him as lord over you and all his brothers, and have given to them to be his servants, and with much grain and oil and wine I have strengthened him, and what shall I do to you, my son?”
26:33 “And Esau said to his father Isaac: “Have you but one blessing, father? Bless also me, father.”
26:34 “And Esau raised his voice and wept. And Isaac answered and said to him: “Behold, from the fatness of the earth shall be your substance and from the dew of heaven above; and you shall live by your sword and you shall serve your brother.”
26:35 “And it will happen when you are great and shall break his yoke off your neck, you shall commit a sin unto death, and all your seed shall be rooted out from under heaven.”
26:36 “And Esau was wroth at Jacob on account of the blessing with which his father had blessed him; and he said in his heart, “Now the days of grief may come for my father, that I may kill my brother Jacob.”

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