The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 29

29:1 “And it happened when Rachel had given birth to Joseph that Laban went out to shear his sheep, for they were distant from him a journey of three days.”
29:2 “And Jacob saw that Laban had gone to shear his sheep, and he called Leah and Rachel, and spoke unto their hearts, that they should go with him to the land of Canaan, for he told them all that he had seen in the dream, and all that he (God) had spoken to him, that he should return to the house of his father; and they said to him: “We will go everywhere you go, with you we will go.”
29:3 “And Jacob blessed/praised the God of his father Isaac, and the God of Abraham, the father of his father, and he arose and prepared his wives and children, and took all his possessions and crossed the river and came to the land of Gilead, and Jacob hid his heart from Laban and did not tell him.”
29:4 “And in the seventh year of the fourth week Jacob returned to Gilead in the first month, on the twenty-first; and Laban followed after him, and found Jacob in the mountains of Gilead, in the third month, on the twelfth thereof.”
29:5 “And the Lord did not permit him to injure Jacob, for he appeared to him in a dream by night; and Laban spoke to Jacob.”
29:6 “And on the fifteenth thereof, on that day, Jacob made a feast to Laban and all who had come with him, and Jacob swore to Laban on this day and Laban to Jacob, that they would not cross for evil to one another the mountains of Gilead.”
29:7 “And he made there a large stone heap as a testimony; on this account the name of this place is called “The Stone Heap of Testimony”; such is the heap.”
29:8 “But before they had called the land of Gilead the land of Raphaim, for it was the land of the Raphaim, and the Raphaim, or giants, were born there, whose length is ten, nine, eight, and seven ells, and their dwellings were from the land of the sons of Ammon to Mount Hermon, and the seats of their kingdom were Koronaem and Adra and Misur and Beon.”
29:9 “And the Lord slew them on account of the wickedness of their deeds, for they were most terrible, and the Ammorites inhabit it in their place, evil and sinful, and there is no nation today that has completed all their sin, and therefore they have no length of life upon the earth.”
29:10 “And Jacob sent Laban away, and he came into the land of Mesopotamia, the land of the east, but Jacob returned to the land of Gilead and crossed over the Jabbok in the ninth month on the eleventh thereof.”
29:11 “And on that day Esau, his brother, came to him, and they settled their troubles; and they went from here into the land of Seir, but Jacob dwelt in tents.”
29:12 “And in the first year of the fifth week of this jubilee he crossed the Jordan and lived opposite the Jordan, that he might pasture his sheep from the land of Stone Heap to Beta-Zon and to Dotaem and to Akrabil.”
29:13 “And he sent to his father Isaac of all his possessions clothing and food and meat and drink and milk and oil and bread of milk and of the palms of the valley; and to his mother Rebecca he also sent four times a year, between the times of the months, between the plowing and the harvest, between the spring and the rain, and between winter and summer, to the tower of Abraham, for Isaac had returned from The Well of the Oath and had gone up to the tower of his father Abraham, and he dwelt there apart from his son Esau.”
29:14 “For in the days when Jacob went to Mesopotamia, Esau took to himself as wife Malit, the daughter of Ishmael, and collected all the herds of his father and his wives and went up and dwelt in the mountains of Seir, and left Isaac, his father, at The Well of the Oath alone; and Isaac went up from The Well of the Oath, and dwelt in the tower of Abraham, his father, on the mountains of Hebron.”
29:15 “And from here Jacob sent all things which he sent to his father Isaac and to his mother from time to time . . . all their sorrows; and they blessed Jacob with all their heart and all their souls.”

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