The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 3

3:1 “And in the sixth day of the second sabbath we brought, by the command of the Lord, to Adam all the animals and all the beasts and all the birds and every thing that moves on the earth and every thing that moves in the water, each according to their kind, and each according to their similarity: on the first day the animals; the beasts on the second day; the birds on the third day; every thing that moves on the earth the fourth day; whatever moves in the water on the fifth day.”
3:2 “And Adam gave unto each its name; and as he called them, this was their name. And on these five days Adam saw this: a male and a female in each kind that is on the earth, but he was alone and could not find a companion who could be an aid to such as he.”
3:3 “And God said to me: “It is not good that man should be alone: let us make for him a helpmeet like unto him.”
3:4 “And the Lord our God caused a stupor to fall upon him and he slept, and he took for a wife one rib from among his ribs, and this rib was made into a woman from among his ribs, and he built flesh there in its place, and built a woman.”
3:5 “And he awakened Adam out of his sleep, and awakening he arose on the sixth day and came to her and knew her and said unto her: ‘This is now bone of my bone and flesh from my flesh: this one shall be called my wife, for she came and originated from man.”
3:6 “For this reason man and wife shall be one, and for this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and will connect himself with his wife, and they shall be one flesh.”
3:7 “And in the first seventh was Adam created, and his wife in his side, and in the second seventh he showed her to him, and on that account the command was given to observe in their defilement seven days for a male and twice seven days for a female.”
3:8 “And when Adam had completed forty days in the land where he had been created, we brought him into the garden of Eden, that he should work it and watch it; but his wife they brought in on the eightieth day, and after this she entered the garden; and on this account the commandment is written on the tablets of heaven in reference to her that gives birth, that “if she brings forth a male, she shall remain in her uncleanness seven days according to the first week of her days, and thirty [three] days shall she abide in the blood of purifying, and she shall touch nothing holy and shall not enter into the sanctuary until these days are completed for her who has a male child.”
3:9 “But she who has a female child shall remain in her uncleanness two weeks, according to the first two weeks, and sixty six days in the blood of purifying, and all the days for her shall be eighty.”
3:10 “And she having completed these eighty days we brought her into the garden of Eden, for it is holy above the whole earth, and every tree that is planted in it is holy. And on this account was ordained concerning her that gives birth to a male or female this law for these days, that they shall touch nothing holy nor enter a sanctuary until these days for a male or a female are completed.”
3:11 “This law and testimony was given and written for the children of Israel that they should observe it all the days.”
3:12 “And in the first week of the first jubilee Adam and his wife were in the garden of Eden seven years working and watching it; and we gave them work and taught them to work every thing that offered itself for work.”
3:13 “And he labored and was naked and did not know it and was not ashamed, and he watched the garden against the birds and the animals and the beasts, and gathered its fruits and ate and laid aside the rest for himself and his wife, and laid aside that which he had guarded for himself.”
3:14 “And having ended the completion of seven years which he completed there, in the seventh year exactly, and in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the serpent came and approached the woman, and the serpent said to the woman: “Has God commanded that you shall not eat of any of the fruit of the trees in the garden?”
3:15 “And she said to it: He has told us, ‘Eat from all the fruit of the trees in the garden, but from the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden you shall not eat, nor shall you touch it, that you die not!”
3:16 “And the serpent said to the woman: “You will surely not die, but because God knows that on which day you eat of it your eyes shall be opened and you shall be like gods and will know good and evil.”
3:17 “And the woman saw the tree that it was pleasant and it pleased the eye, and that its fruit was good to eat; she took from it and ate.”
3:18 “And she first covered her shame with fig leaves, and gave to her husband, and he ate, and his eyes were opened and he saw that he was naked.”
3:19 “And he took fig leaves and sewed them together and made for himself an apron and covered his shame.”
3:20 “And God cursed the serpent and was enraged at it forever; and he was enraged at the woman also, because she had obeyed the voice of the serpent, and he said to her: “I shall surely increase your pains and your trouble; in your pains bear children, and to your husband be your refuge, and he shall be your lord.”
3:21 “And to Adam he said: “Because you did obey the voice of your wife and did eat from this tree of which I had commanded you that you should not eat, let the earth be cursed on account of your deed; thorns and thistles shall it bring forth for you; and eat you your bread in the sweat of your brow until you return to the earth from which you have been taken; for earth you are, and to earth you shall return.”
3:22 “And he made for them garments of skin and clothed them, and sent them from the garden.”
3:23 “And on that day on which Adam came out of the garden of Eden he offered, as a sweet savor, a burnt offering: frankincense and galbanum and myrrh spices, in the morning with the rising of the sun, on the day when he covered his shame.”
3:24 “And on that day was closed the mouth of all the animals and of the beasts and of the birds and of whatever walks and of whatever moves, so that they could not speak; for they all had spoken with each other one lip and one tongue.”
3:25 “And he sent out of the garden of Eden all flesh that was in the garden of Eden, and all flesh was scattered according to its kinds and according to its natures to the places which had been created for them.”
3:26 “And to Adam alone did he give to cover his shame, of all the animals and beasts.”
3:27 “On this account it is commanded in the tablets of heaven concerning all who know the judgment of the law, that they shall cover their shame and shall not uncover themselves as the Gentiles/hethan uncover themselves.”
3:28 “And at the new moon of the fourth month Adam and his wife came out of the garden of Eden and dwelt in the land of Elda, in the land of their creation.”
3:29 “And Adam called the name of his wife Eve.”
3:30 “And they did not have a son until the first jubilee year; and after this he knew her.”
3:31 “But he cultivated the land, as he had been taught in the garden of Eden.”

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