The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 30

30:1 “And in the first year of the sixth week he went up to Salem, which is opposite the east of Shechem, in peace, in the fourth month; and there they brought by force Dinah, the daughter of Jacob, into the house of Shechem, the son of Hamor, the Hivite prince of the land, and he slept with her and defiled her, and she was a small girl twelve years of age.”
30:2 “And he begged her father and her brothers for her, that she should be given to him as wife; and Jacob and his sons were angry on account of the men of Shechem, because they had defiled their sister Dinah; and they spoke with them for evil, and intrigued against and deceived them.”
30:3 “And Simeon and Levi secretly came to Shechem and inflicted punishment upon all the men of Shechem, and slew all the men they found in it, and did not leave a single one in it.”
30:4 “They killed all in torments, because they had dishonored their sister Dinah.”
30:5 “And thus you shall not do from now on and to eternity to defile a daughter of Israel, for in heaven it was ordained over them as a punishment that they should root out all the men of Shechem, because they committed a shame on a daughter of Israel, and the Lord turned them over into the hands of the sons of Jacob, that they should root them out with the sword, and that they should inflict punishment upon them; and never again shall it be thus in Israel, that a daughter of Israel be defiled.”
30:6 “And if there is any man in Israel who desires to give his daughter or his sister to any man who is of the seed of the Gentiles/hethan, he shall surely die, and they shall slay him with stones, for he has committed a sin and a shame in Israel; and his wife they shall burn with fire, for she has defiled the name of the house of her father, and she shall be rooted out of Israel.”
30:7 “And no fornication or defilement shall be found in Israel all the generations of the earth; for Israel is holy to the Lord, and every man that defiles must surely die, and they shall slay him with stones.”
30:8 “For thus it is ordained and written on the tablets of heaven concerning all the seed of Israel, that he who defiles must surely die, and they shall slay him with stones.”
30:9 “And to this law there is no limit of days and no ceasing and no forgiveness, but he shall be rooted out who defiles his daughter, among all Israel, because he has given of his seed to Moloch and has sinned by defiling.”
30:10 “And you, Moses, command the children of Israel and testify over them that they shall not give any of their daughters to the Gentiles/hethan and that they shall not take any of the daughters of the Gentiles/hethan; for this is accursed before the Lord.”
30:11 “And on this account I have written for you in the words of the law all the deeds of Shechem which they did against Dinah, and how the children of Jacob conversed saying: “We will not give our daughter to an uncircumcised man, for this is disgraceful to us.”
30:12 “And it is disgraceful to Israel to those that give and to those that receive from any Gentiles/hethan any daughters, for it is unclean and accursed to Israel; and Israel will not be clean of this uncleanness of him who has of the daughters of the Gentiles/hethan for a wife, or who has given of his daughters to a man who is of any of the seed of the Gentiles/hethan; for there will be plagues upon plagues, curse upon curse, and all punishment and plagues and curses will come.”
30:13 “And if they do this thing, and if they blind their eyes to those that commit uncleanness and to those that defile the sanctuary of the Lord and those that profane his holy name, then shall the whole people together be punished, on account of all this uncleanness and this profaneness, and there will be no respect for persons, and no consideration for persons, and no taking of fruits from his hands and fruit offering and burnt offering and fat and incense offering as a sweet savor, that it may be acceptable.”
30:14 “And every man and woman in Israel who defiles the sanctuary shall be thus.”
30:15 “And on account of this I have commanded you, saying: “Testify this testimony over Israel: see how it happened to the Shechemites and their sons, how they were given into the hands of the two sons of Jacob, and they slew them in torments, and it was justice to them, and it is written down for justice concerning them.”

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