The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 31

31:1 “And in the new moon of the month, Jacob spoke to all the men of his house, saying: “Purify yourselves and change your clothes, and arising let us go up to Bethel, where I made a vow when I was fleeing from the face of Esau, my brother; because he (God) has been with me, and has brought me into this land in peace.”
31:2 “And remove the false gods that are in your midst.”
31:3 “And tear away the false gods which are in your ears and on your necks, and the idols which Rachel took from her father Laban, and which she gave all to Jacob.”
31:4 “And he burned and broke and destroyed and hid them under an oak, which was in the land of Shechem.”
31:5 “And he ascended at the new moon of the seventh month to Bethel.”
31:6 “And he built an altar at the place where he had slept, and he erected there a monument, and he sent for his father Isaac to come to him to the sacrifice, and to his mother Rebecca.”
31:7 “And Isaac said: “Let my son Jacob come and let me see him before I die.”
31:8 “And Jacob went to Isaac his father, and to his mother Rebecca, to the house of his father Abraham, and he took two of his sons with him, Levi and Judah, and came to his father Isaac and his mother Rebecca.”
31:9 “And Rebecca came out of the tower to the front of the tower, that she might kiss Jacob and to embrace him, for her spirit was alive when she heard, “Behold your son Jacob has come!” and she kissed him.”
31:10 “And she saw the two sons and she knew them, and said to him:”
31:11 “Are these your sons, my son?” and she embraced them and kissed them and blessed them, saying: “In you may the seed of Abraham be honored, and may you be a blessing over the earth!”
31:12 “And Jacob went in to his father Isaac to his chamber where he slept, and his two sons with him, and he took the hand of his father, and bending down kissed him, and Isaac clung to the neck of Jacob his son, and wept on his neck.”
31:13 “And the darkness left the eyes of Isaac, and he saw the two sons of Jacob, Levi and Judah, and he said, “Are these your sons, my Son? for they are like you.”
31:14 “And he said that in truth they were his sons, and in truth you see that they are my Sons.”
31:15 “And they approached him, and they turned, and he kissed them and embraced them all together.”
31:16 “And the spirit of prophecy fell into his mouth, and he took Levi by the right hand, and Judah by the left hand.”
31:17 “And he turned to Levi and began to bless him first, saying, “May the Lord God of all, the Lord of all the world, bless you and your children in all the world.”
31:18 “And may the Lord give you and your seed greatness and great honor, and cause you and your seed to approach to him from among all flesh, that they shall serve him in his sanctuary like the angels of the face, and like the holy ones that shall be the seed of your sons for honor and greatness and holiness: and may he make them great in all the world.”
31:19 “And they shall be princes and lords and leaders for all the seed of the sons of Jacob: they shall speak the words of the Lord in truth, and shall judge all his judgments in truth, and speak my ways to Jacob, and they shall appear to Israel: may the blessing of the Lord be given into their mouths, that they may bless all the seed of the beloved.”
31:20 “And your mother has called your name Levi, and in truth has she thus called you: you shall be very near to the Lord, and shall have a part with all the sons of Jacob: his table shall be yours, and you and your sons shall eat thereof, and to all the generations may your table be full, and may your food not decrease to all eternity.”
31:21 “And all those that hate you shall fall before you, and all your enemies shall be rooted out and be destroyed, but they that bless you shall be blessed, and all the nations that curse you shall be cursed.”
31:22 “And to Judah he spoke: “May the Lord give you strength and power that you may tread down all that hate you: be you a prince, you and one of your sons over the sons of Jacob.”
31:23 “May your name and the name of your sons be one that goes and encompasses the whole earth and the cities; then shall the Gentiles/hethan fear your face, and all the nations shall tremble and all the people shake.”
31:24 “In you let there be help to Jacob, and in you may deliverance be found for Israel.”
31:25 “And if you sit on the throne of the honor of your righteousness, there shall be great peace to all the seed of the sons of the beloved.”
31:26 “He that blesses you shall be blessed, and all that hate and trouble you, and those that curse you, shall be rooted out and be destroyed from the earth, and shall be accursed.”
31:27 “And turning around he kissed him again and embraced him and rejoiced greatly; for he had seen sons of Jacob, who was his son in truth.”
31:28 “And he came from between his feet, and fell down and prostrated himself, and he blessed them, and he remained with Isaac, his father, on that night, and they ate and drank with joy.”
31:29 “And he caused the two sons of Jacob to sleep, the one at his right, and other at his left, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.”
31:30 “And Jacob told his father everything during the night, how the Lord had been merciful to him, and how he had prospered him in all his ways and had protected him from all evil.”
31:31 “And Isaac blessed/praised the God of his father Abraham, who had not ceased his mercy and righteousness from the sons of his servant Isaac.”
31:32 “And in the morning Jacob told his father Isaac of the vow he had made to the Lord, and of the vision he had seen, and how he had built an altar, and that everything was ready for the sacrifice before the Lord, as he had vowed, and that he had come to place him upon an ass.”
31:33 “And Isaac said to his son Jacob: “I am not able to go with you, for I am old and not able to endure the way: go, my son, in peace, for I am one hundred and sixty-five years old today; I am not able to travel.”
31:34 “Take your mother and let her go with you.”
31:35 “And I know, my son, that you have come on my account; and may this day be blessed upon which you have seen me alive and I have seen you, my son.”
31:36 “Prosper, and fulfil the vow which you have vowed, and do not delay your vow, for you must seek the vow.”
31:37 “And now hasten to fulfil your vow; and may he be pleased who has made all things, to whom you have made your vow.”
31:38 “And he said to Rebecca: “Go with Jacob, your son.”
31:39 “And Rebecca went with Jacob, and Deborah with her, and they came to Bethel.”
31:40 “And Jacob remembered the prayer with which his father had blessed him and his two sons, Levi and Judah, and he rejoiced and blessed/praised the God of his fathers, Abraham and Isaac.”
31:41 “And he said: “Now I know that I have an eternal hope, and my sons also before the God of all; and thus it is ordained concerning the two, and they have placed it as a testimony for them to eternity, upon the tablets of heaven as Isaac blessed them.”

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