The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 32

32:1 “And he remained that night in Bethel, and Levi dreamed that they had appointed and made him priest, and his sons to eternity, priests of the Most High God; and he awoke from his sleep and blessed/praised the Lord.”
32:2 “And Jacob started early in the morning, on the fourteenth of this month, and the tenth of all that came with him of men and beasts, and gold, and all possessions and clothing.”
32:3 “And in those days Rachel became pregnant with her son Benjamin, and Jacob counted his sons from him on and upwards; and the portion of the Lord fell upon Levi, and his father clothed him with the garments of the priesthood, and filled his hands.”
32:4 “And on the fifteenth of this month he brought to the altar fifteen oxen from among the cattle, twenty-eight rams, and forty-nine sheep, and sixty lambs, and twenty-nine young goats, as a burnt sacrifice on the altar, and as an acceptable gift for a sweet savor to the Lord God.”
32:5 “This was the fulfillment of the vow he had made to give the tenth; together with their fruit and their drink offerings.”
32:6 “And when the fire had consumed them, he scattered frankincense over them on the fire; and for thank offering two oxen, and four rams, and four sheep, and a sheep of two years, and two young goats; thus he did distributing over seven days.”
32:7 “And he remained there eating, and all his sons and his men in joy seven days, and he blessed/praised and thanked the Lord, who had delivered him from all his trouble, and to whom he had fulfilled his vow.”
32:8 “And he took the tenth of all the clean animals and made a burnt offering; and the unclean animals he gave to his son, and the men he gave him, and Levi exercised his priestly office in Bethel before Jacob, his father, in preference to his ten brothers, and he was there a priest, and Jacob fulfilled to him his vows: and thus he gave the tenth again to the Lord, and sanctified it, and it was holy for him.”
32:9 “And on this account it is ordained on the tablets of heaven as a law concerning the giving of a second tenth – to eat before the Lord at the place upon which he has chosen his name to dwell year after year, and to this law there is no limit of day to eternity.”
32:10 “And this ordinance is written to do it year after year for eating a second tenth before the Lord in the place which he has chosen, and nothing shall be left over from it to the following year.”
32:11 “For in its year shall the seed be eaten until the seed of the year and the wine change their days to the days of wine and oil, and to the days of oil in its season.”
32:12 “And all that is left thereof and which becomes old, let it be considered contaminated; burn it with fire, for it is unclean.”
32:13 “And thus they shall eat together in the sanctuary, and shall not let it become old.”
32:14 “And all the tenth of oxen and sheep shall be holy to the Lord, and shall belong to his priests, who will eat it before him from year to year; for thus it is ordained and engraved concerning the tenth on the tablets of heaven.”
32:15 “And in the following night, on the twenty-second day of this month, Jacob planned that he would build this place and erect a wall around it, and that he would sanctify it and make it holy to eternity, for himself and his children after him.”
32:16 “And the Lord appeared to him in the night, and blessed him, and said to him: “You shall not call your name Jacob only, but Israel also shall your name be called.”
32:17 “And he said to him again: “I am the Lord your God, who has created heaven and earth; and I will increase and multiply you exceedingly, and kings shall come from you, and they shall rule over all, wherever the foot of the sons of man has trod.”
32:18 “And I will give to your seed all the land under heaven, and they shall rule over all the nations as they desire, and after that they will gather to themselves the whole earth, and shall inherit the world.”
32:19 “And he completed conversing with him, and ascended from there, and Jacob looked until he ascended to heaven.”
32:20 “And he saw in a vision of the night, and behold an angel descended from heaven with seven tablets in his hands, and he gave them to Jacob, and he read all that was written on them, what would happen to himself and his sons in all the years.”
32:21 “And he showed him all things that were written on the tablets, and said to him: “Do not build up this place, and do not make it an eternal sanctuary, and do not dwell here, for this is not the place.”
32:22 “Go to the house of Abraham, your father, and dwell there with Isaac, your father, until the day of the death of your father.”
32:23 “For in Egypt you shall die in peace, and in this land you shall be buried in honor, in the grave of your fathers, with Abraham and Isaac.”
32:24 “Fear not; for as you have seen and read it, thus shall it all be.”
32:25 “But write you down all as you have seen and read.”
32:26 “And Jacob said: “How can I remember all as I have seen and read it?”
32:27 “And he said to him: “I will recall it all for you.”
32:28 “And he went up from there: and he awoke from his sleep and remembered all that he had seen and read, and he wrote down all the words that he had read and that he had seen.”
32:29 “And he stayed there yet another day, and sacrificed there according to all that had been ordained on former days, and called its name “addition”, for this day was added; and the first day he called “the festival.”
32:30 “And thus it appeared that it would be, and it is written on the tablets of heaven; and on this account it was revealed to him, that he should celebrate it, and that he should add it to the seven days of the festival, and its name was called “addition”, because it comes to the seven days; and thus is the festival by number of days of the year.”
32:31 “And in the night of the twenty-third of this month, Deborah, the nurse of Rebecca, died, and he buried her below the city under the oak of the river, and called the name of this river “the river of Deborah,” and of the oak, “lamentation oak of Deborah.”
32:32 “And Rebecca went and returned to her house, to Isaac, that she should prepare for his father a meal, as he loved it.”
32:33 “And he too went after his mother until he came to the land of Kebratan, and he dwelt there.”
32:34 “And Rachel in that night gave birth to a son, and called his name “Son of my sorrow”, for she suffered in giving birth; but his father called him Benjamin, on the eleventh of the eighth month, in the first year of the sixth week of this jubilee.”
32:35 “And Rachel died there, and was buried in the land of Ephrathah, that is, Bethlehem; and Jacob erected upon the grave of Rachel a column, on the road above her grave.”

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