The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 35

35:1 “And in the first year of the first week of the forty-fifth jubilee, Rebecca called her son Jacob and gave him command concerning his father and concerning his brother, that he should honor them all the days of the life of Jacob.”
35:2 “And Jacob said: “I will do all you command me, for this thing will be honor and greatness to me and righteousness before the Lord, that I should honor them.”
35:3 “And you, my mother, know me from the time I was born until this day, all my deeds and everything that is in my heart, that always I think good concerning all.”
35:4 “And how should I not do this which you have commanded me, that I should honor my father and my brother?”
35:5 “Tell me, my mother, what perversity you see in me?”
35:6 “And I am far removed from him, and gentleness is in me.”
35:7 “And she said to him: “My son, all my days I have not seen in you any perversity, and no depraved actions, but righteousness.”
35:8 “But in truth I tell thee, my son, I will die in this year, and will not get beyond this year in my life, for I saw in a dream the day of my death, that I should not live beyond one hundred and fifty-five years.”
35:9 “And behold, I have completed all the days of my life which I was to live.”
35:10 “And Jacob laughed at the words of his mother, because she said that she would die, and she was sitting opposite him with her strength upon her, without any decrease of strength, for she went in and out, and saw, and her teeth were strong, and no ailment had touched her all the days of her life.”
35:11 “And Jacob said to her: “Happy am I, my mother, if my days approach the days of your life, and my strength abide in me as your strength; and you will not die, for in vain do you speak with me concerning your death.”
35:12 “And she went in to Isaac, and said to him: “One petition I ask of you: let Esau swear that he will not harm Jacob, and will not persecute him in enmity, for you know the thoughts of Esau, that he was terrible from his youth on, and there is not gentleness in him; for he desires after your death to kill him.”
35:13 “And you know how he has done all the days from the day when Jacob, his brother, went to Haran to this day, that he has left us with his whole heart, and does evil with us.”
35:14 “He has collected thy flocks, and all thy possessions he robs from before thy face, and when we entreated and asked for what was ours, he did as a man that practices usury on us.”
35:15 “And he is bitter at thee because you did bless that perfect and righteous son Jacob; for in him there is no evil, but goodness.”
35:16 “And since he came from Haran to this day, he has not deprived us of the least; but he brings us everything in its time and always, and he rejoices in his whole heart when we take anything from his hands, and he blesses us and does not separate from us since he came from Haran to the present day, and he lives with us ever in our house, honoring us.”
35:17 “And Isaac said to her: “I know and I see the deeds of Jacob with us, that with all his heart he honors us; but I loved Esau formerly more than Jacob, on account of his birth; but now I love Jacob more than Esau, because he has increased in evil doings, and there is no righteousness in him, for all his ways are injustice and violence, and there is no righteousness in him at all.”
35:18 “And now my heart trembles concerning all his deeds, and neither he nor his seed shall abide, for they shall be destroyed from the earth, and they shall be rooted out from under heaven; for he has deserted the God of Abraham, and goes after his women after uncleanness and after error, he and his children.”
35:19 “And you do tell me that I shall make him swear not to kill Jacob: even if he swears he will not keep to his oath, and will not do good but evil.”
35:20 “And if he desires to kill his brother Jacob, he shall be given into the hands of Jacob and shall not escape from his hands, but fall into his hands.”
35:21 “And you fear not concerning Jacob, for the watchman of Jacob is great and powerful, and honored and worshipped above the watchman of Esau.”
35:22 “And Rebecca sent for and called Esau, and he came to her, and she said to him, “One prayer I have, my son, which I ask of you, and grant it, that you may do what I ask of thee, my son.”
35:23 “And he said to her: “I will do all that you tell me, and will not refuse any thing that you ask.”
35:24 “And she said to him: “I ask of thee that the day I die you will take me and bury me near the grave of Sarah, the mother of your father, and that you and your brother Jacob will love each other, and that neither will undertake evil against his brother, but love him, so that you may be prosperous, my son, and be honored in the midst of the land and that an enemy may not rejoice over you, and that you may be a blessing and mercy before the eyes of all that love you.”
35:25 “And he said: “I will do all that you say to me, and I will bury you on the day of your death near Sarah, the mother of my father, as you love her bones, that they shall be near to your bones.”
35:26 “But Jacob, my brother, I will love above all flesh, and I have no other brother in all the world except him alone, and this is not a great thing for me that I shall love him, for he is my brother, and together we were sown in your womb, and together we came forth from you, and if I do not love my brother, whom shall I love?”
35:27 “And I then beg of you that you will exhort Jacob concerning me and concerning my children, for I know that he will rule as king over me and over my children, for on the day when my father blessed him, he made him the higher and me the lower.”
35:28 “And I swear to you that I will love him and will not seek out evil against him all the days of my life, but only good.”
35:29 “And he swore to her concerning this whole matter.”
35:30 “And she called Jacob before the eyes of Esau, and commanded him according to the words she had spoken with Esau.”
35:31 “And he said, “I will do your pleasure, promising that no evil shall proceed from me and from my sons against Esau, my brother, and nothing shall be shown him except love.”
35:32 “And they ate and drank, she and her sons, on this day, and she died, three jubilees and one week and one year old, in this night, and her two sons, Esau and Jacob, buried her in the cave near Sarah, the mother of their father.”

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