The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 36

36:1 “In the sixth week of this year, Isaac called his two sons, Esau and Jacob, and they came to him, and he said to them: “My sons, I shall go the way of my father into the house of eternity, where my fathers are.”
36:2 “Bury me near to Abraham, my father, in the south cave in the field of Ephron, the Hittite, which Abraham bought as a burial place; there bury me.”
36:3 “And this I command you, my sons, that you practice righteousness and rectitude on the earth, so that the Lord may bring upon you all that the Lord said that he would do to Abraham and to his seed.”
36:4 “And be you to each other as loving brothers as a man that loves himself, and each seeking for his brother that which is good for him, and acting together from the heart upon earth, and loving each other as yourselves.”
36:5 “And concerning the matter of idols, I command you, that you cast them away and hold them in abomination, and hate them, and that you do not love them, for they are full of deception for those that worship them, and for those that bow down to them.”
36:6 “And remember, O my sons, the Lord God of Abraham, your father, and how I too worshipped him and served him in truth, that he may increase you in joy and may enlarge your seed like the stars of the heaven in multitude, and plant you upon the earth as a plant of righteousness, which is not rooted out to all the generations of eternity.”
36:7 “And now I will make you swear a great oath, for there is no oath greater than the one by the glorious and honored and great name of him who created the heavens and the earth and all things together, that you will fear/reverence and worship him, and that each will love his brother in tenderness and in truth, and that neither will wish evil against his brother, from now on to eternity, all the days of your life, that you may be prosperous in all your deeds, and be not destroyed.”
36:8 “And if either of you devises evil against his brother, know from now on, that every one that devises evil against his brother shall fall into his hands, and shall be rooted out of the land of the living, and his seed shall be destroyed from under heaven.”
36:9 “And on that day of cursing and turbulence he (God) will also burn with devouring fire, as he burned Sodom, thus also will he burn his land and his city and all that is his, and he will be erased out of the book of the discipline of the sons of men, and shall not ascend into the book of life, for he shall be destroyed and shall depart to the eternal curse, so that for all days their punishments may be renewed in hate and in cursing, and in wrath, and in torments, and in fury, and in plagues, and in sickness to eternity.”
36:10 “And I say and testify to you, my sons, how that my judgment will come upon the man who desires to do evil against his brother.”
36:11 “And he divided all the possessions he had between the two on that day, and he gave the preference to him that was born first, both the tower and all around it, and everything that Abraham possessed around the well of the oath.”
36:12 “And he said: “This preference shall be his who was born first.”
36:13 “And Esau said: “I have sold and given my age to Jacob, to him it has been given, and I will not say anything more about it, not one word, for it is passed.”
36:14 “And Isaac said: “May blessing rest upon you, my sons, and upon your seed this day, for you have given me rest, and my heart is not sad on account of the birthright, that no strife will take place concerning it.”
36:15 “The Most High Lord bless the man that does righteousness, him and his seed to eternity.”
36:16 “And he ended commanding them and blessing them, and they ate and drank before him together; and he rejoiced, for there was a reconciliation between them, and they went out from him and rested on that day and slept.”
36:17 “And Isaac slept on his bed that day rejoicing, and he slept the sleep of eternity, and died one hundred and eighty years old.”
36:18 “And he completed twenty-five weeks and five years.”
36:20 “And Esau went to the land of Edom, to the mountains of Seir and dwelt there.”
36:21 “And Jacob dwelt in the land of Hebron, in the tower of the land of the pilgrimage of his father Abraham, and worshipped God with his whole heart, and according to the command of him who appeared to him, who had distinguished him on the day of his birth.”
36:22 “And Leah, his wife, died, in the fourth year of the second week of the forty-fifth jubilee, and he buried her in the double cave near to Rebecca, his mother, to the left of the grave of Sarah, the mother of his father.”
36:23 “And all of her sons and his sons came to weep over Leah, his wife, with him, and that they might comfort each other on her account, for he mourned over her.”
36:24 “For he loved her exceedingly after Rachel her sister died, for she was perfect and righteous in all her ways and honored Jacob: and in all the days which she lived she was gentle and upright and peaceful and honorable.”
36:25 “And he remembered all her deeds which she had done in her life, and mourned exceedingly, for he loved her very much with all his heart and with all his soul.”

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