The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 38

38:1 “And after that Judah spoke to his father Jacob and said to him: “Bend thy bow, Father, and send forth thy arrows and cast down thy hater and slay thy enemy: and may you have the power, for we will not slay thy brother, for to thee and with thee and to us it will be an honor.”
38:2 “And immediately Jacob bent the bow and sent forth his arrow, and cast down his brother Esau, and slew him.”
38:3 “And again he sent forth his arrow and hit Adoran, the Aramaean, on the left breast, and drove him back and killed him.”
38:4 “And then the sons of Jacob and their servants came out breaking forth from the four sides of the tower.”
38:5 “Out came completely Judah, and Naphtali and Gad with him, and fifty young men with him out of the north side of the tower, and killed all that they found before them, and none escaped of those, not one.”
38:6 “And Levi and Dan and Asher came out from the east side of the tower, and fifty with them, and they slew the warriors of Moab and Ammon.”
38:7 “And Reuben and Issachar and Zebulun came out of the south side of the tower, and fifty with them, and they killed the fighters of Philistia.”
38:8 “And Simeon and Benjamin and Enoch, the son of Reuben, came out of the west side of the tower, and fifty with them, and killed of those of Edom and Choran four hundred powerful men, and seven hundred escaped, and four of the sons of Esau fled with them, and left their father behind dead, as he had fallen on the hill which is (called) Aduram.”
38:9 “And the sons of Jacob pursued after them to the mountains of Seir, and made them bend their necks, so that they became the servants of the sons of Jacob;”
38:10 “And they sent word to their father inquiring if they should make peace with them, or if they should kill them.”
38:11 “And Jacob sent word to his sons that they should make peace; and they made peace with them, and they placed the yoke of servitude upon them that they should pay tribute to Jacob and his sons all the days.”
38:12 “And they continued to pay tribute to Jacob until the day when Jacob descended to the land of Egypt, and the sons of Esau did not cease from the yoke of servitude which the twelve sons of Jacob had imposed upon them, until the present day.”
38:13 “And these are the kings which ruled over Edom before a king ruled over the children of Israel, until the present day in the land of Edom; and Balak, the son of Beor, was king, and the name of his city was Dinaba.”
38:14 “And Balak died, and Jobab, the son of Zara, of Bezor, ruled in his stead.”
38:15 “And Jobab died, and Adat, the son of Barad, who slew the Mediarites on the field of Moab, was king in his place, and the name of his city was Amot.”
38:16 “And Adat died and Salman, of Amalek, was king in his stead.”
38:17 “And Salman died and Saul, of the river Robaet, was king in his stead.”
38:18 “And Saul died, and Beulunan, the son of Akbur, was king in his stead.”
38:19 “And Beulunan died, and Adat was king in his stead, and the name of his wife was Matilat, the daughter of Matrit, the daughter of Metbed Zaab.”
38:20 “These are the kings who ruled in the land of Edom.”

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