The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 39

39:1 “And Jacob dwelt in the land of the pilgrimage of his father, the land of Canaan.”
39:2 “These are the generations of Jacob: When Joseph was seventeen years old they took him down into Egypt, and sold him to Potiphar, the eunuch of Pharaoh, the head of the cooks.”
39:3 “And he set Joseph over his whole house: and the blessing of the Lord was in the house of the Egyptian on account of Joseph, and all that he did the Lord prospered.”
39:4 “And the Egyptian left in Joseph’s hands all that was before him, for he saw that the Lord was with him, and that everything he did the Lord prospered.”
39:5 “But Joseph was beautiful to look at and very attractive in form, and the wife of the master lifted up her eyes and saw Joseph.”
39:6 “And she loved him and entreated him to lie with her.”
39:7 “But he did not give over his soul, but remembered the Lord and the words which his father Jacob had read from among the words of Abraham, that no one among men should commit fornication with the wife of another, and with a woman who has a husband, and that as a punishment for this one death has been established in the heavens before the Most High God, and the sin on account of it will be inscribed on the books which are in eternity, all the days, before the Lord.”
39:8 “And Joseph remembered these words, and was not willing to lie with her.”
39:9 “And she entreated him one year, and he refused, and would not listen.”
39:10 “But she embraced him and seized him in the house in order to force him to lie with her, and locked the doors of the house; but he tore himself out of her hands and left his garment in her hand, and broke the lock, and fled without away from her presence.”
39:11 “And the woman saw that he would not lie with her, and she lied before her lord, saying: “Thy Hebrew servant, whom you love, sought to do me violence that he might lie with me, and it happened that when I raised my voice, he fled and left his garment in my hand, when I had seized him, and broke the lock.”
39:12 “And the Egyptian saw the garment of Joseph and the broken lock, and he obeyed the words of his wife, and cast Joseph into prison, into the place where the prisoners stayed whom the king had caused to be imprisoned.”
39:13 “And there he was in prison, and the Lord gave Joseph grace in the eyes of the head of the prison guards, and good will before him, for he saw that the Lord was with him, and all that he did the Lord prospered.”
39:14 “And he left all things to him, and the head of the prison guards looked to nothing, for all things that Joseph did the Lord perfected.”
39:15 “And he remained there two years.”
39:16 “And in those days Pharaoh was angry with two of his eunuchs, the chief of the butlers and the chief of the bakers, and he cast them into prison, into the house of the chief of the cooks, the prison where Joseph was held.”
39:17 “And the chief of the prison guards ordered Joseph to serve them, and he served them before him.”
39:18 “And both of them dreamed a dream, the chief of the butlers and the chief of the bakers, and they told it to Joseph.”
39:19 “And as he explained to them, thus it happened to them; and the chief of the butlers Pharaoh put back into his office, and the chief of the bakers he killed, as Joseph had explained to them.”
39:20 “And the chief of the butlers forgot Joseph in the prison, although he had informed him what would become of him, and did not remember to inform Pharaoh as Joseph had told him, for he forgot.”

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