The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 40

40:1 “And in those days Pharaoh dreamed two dreams in one night, concerning the matter of a famine which would come over all the land; and he awoke from his dream, and called all the dream interpreters that were in Egypt, and the sorcerers, and told them both his dreams, and they were not able to understand them.”
40:2 “And then the chief of the butlers recalled Joseph to memory, and spoke concerning him to the king; and he brought him out of prison and narrated his two dreams before him.”
40:3 “And he spoke before Pharaoh that his two dreams were one, and he said: “Seven years will come of plenty over all the land of Egypt, and after that, seven years of famine, such as had not been upon the whole earth.”
40:4 “And now, O Pharaoh, establish throughout the land of Egypt storehouses that grain may be gathered into them from city to city, in the days of the years of plenty, so that there may be grain for the seven years of famine, and that the land be not destroyed on account of the famine, for it will be very severe.”
40:5 “And the Lord gave Joseph grace and good will before the eyes of Pharaoh, and Pharaoh said to his servants: “We shall not be able to find a wise and intelligent man like this man, for the spirit of the Lord is upon him.”
40:6 “And he appointed him the second over the whole kingdom, and made him prince over all Egypt; and caused him to ride upon the second chariot of Pharaoh, and clothed him with Byssus garments, and put a golden chain around his neck, and proclaimed before him, saying: “El El wa abrir”. And he put (a ring) upon his hand, and made him master of his whole house, and made him great, and said to him: “I will not be greater than thee except in regard to the thronedom.”
40:7 “And Joseph was lord in all the land of Egypt, and all the princes of Pharaoh loved him, and all the servants and all those that did the offices of the king, for he walked in rectitude and without pride and haughtiness of heart, and did not regard persons nor take bribes, but in rectitude he judged over all the peoples of the land.”
40:8 “And the land of Egypt was governed peacefully before Pharaoh on account of Joseph, for the Lord was with him, and gave him grace and good will over all his race, before all who knew him and heard reports concerning him; and the kingdom of Pharaoh was in a right condition, without any enemy or evil.”
40:9 “And the king called the name of Joseph, Sephnetiphanz, and gave the daughter of Potiphar as a wife to Joseph, the daughter of one that sacrifices at Heliopolis, the chief of the cooks.”
40:10 “And on the day that Joseph stood before Pharaoh he was thirty years old, when he stood before the face of Pharaoh.”
40:11 “And in that year Isaac died.”
40:12 “And it happened as Joseph had said concerning the explanation of the two dreams, and there were seven years of plenty, and the land of Egypt was full of fruit, for one measure eighteen measures.”
40:13 “And Joseph gathered food from city to city, until they were full of grain, until they were not able to count and measure it on account of multitude.”

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