The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 43

43:1 “And he did as Joseph had told him, and filled all their sacks for them with food, but their gold he put into their sacks, and the goblet he put into the sack of Benjamin.”
43:2 “And early in the morning they departed.”
43:3 “And it happened when they had gone from there that Joseph said to the man: “Follow them, run and upbraid them, saying: ‘For good you have returned evil, and have stolen the silver cup out of which my master drinks.’ And bring back to me their youngest brother, quickly before that I go to my official work.”
43:4 “And he ran after them and said to them according to these words.”
43:5 “And they said to him: “Far be it from thy servants to do this thing: we have not stolen out of the house of thy lord any utensil, and the gold which we found the first time in our sacks, we, thy servants, have brought back out of the land of Canaan.”
43:6 “How then would we steal any utensil: behold, here we are, and our sacks; search, and wherever you find the cup in the sack of any man among us, he shall be killed, but we and our asses will serve thy lord.”
43:7 “And he said to them: “Not thus, the man with whom I find it, him alone will I take as a servant, but you shall return in peace to your houses.”
43:8 “And when he searched in their vessels, beginning with the oldest and ending with the youngest, it was found in the sack of Benjamin, the youngest.”
43:9 “And they were terrified and rent their clothes, and loaded their asses and returned to the city and came to the house of Joseph, and all fell down before him upon their faces on the ground.”
43:10 “And Joseph said to them: “You have done evil”; and they said to him: “What shall we say, and with what shall we defend ourselves that our Lord has found the guilt of his servants?”
43:11 “Behold, we are thy servants, O our lord, together with our asses.”
43:12 “And Joseph said to them: “I, too, fear/reverence the Lord, and you shall go to your houses, but your youngest brother shall be my servant, for you have done evil: do you not know that one like me who drinks out of his cup values it?”
43:13 “And you have stolen it.”
43:14 “And Judah said: “For us, my lord, let me speak a word into the ear of my lord: his mother has borne thy servant, our father, two sons; one has left and was lost, and no one found him, and this one alone is left from his mother; and thy servant, our father, loves him and his soul cleaves to his soul, and it will happen when we return to thy servant, our father, and if the young man is not with us, he will die, and our father will sink away through grief unto death.”
43:15 “But I will become a servant to my lord in the place of the boy; but let the youth go with his brothers, for I have given promise for him to thy servant, our father; and if you do not return him, then thy servant will be guilty to our father all the days.”
43:16 “And Joseph saw the heart of all that they were friendly to each other and well disposed, and he was not able to restrain himself, and he said that he was Joseph, and conversed with them in the Hebrew tongue, and he fell upon their neck and wept; but they had not known him, and began to weep.”
43:17 “And he said to them: “Do not weep over me; but hasten and bring my father to me, that I may see him before I die, and the eyes of my brother Benjamin while I see.”
43:18 “For, behold, this is the second year of the famine, and there are yet five years without any harvest or fruit of trees or any plants.”
43:19 “Hasten you to come down with your households, so that you be not destroyed by the famine, and do not grieve yourselves on account of yourselves, and on account of your possessions, for the Lord has sent me before you as a provider, that many people might live.”
43:20 “And tell my father that I am yet alive.”
43:21 “But you, behold, see me, that the Lord has set me as a father to Pharaoh, and that I should rule in his house and over all the land of Egypt.”
43:22 “And tell my father of all my honor and all the measure which the Lord has given me of wealth and of honor.”
43:23 “And at the command of Pharaoh, he gave them wagons and provisions for the road and gave them all colored garments and silver and ten asses that carried grain and he sent them away.”
43:25 “And they went up and announced to their father that Joseph was alive, and that he was measuring out grain to all the nations of the earth, and that he was lord of all the land of Egypt.”
43:26 “And their father did not believe it, for he was terrified in his thoughts, but when he saw the wagons which Joseph had sent, his spirit revived and lived, and he said: “It is a great thing for me that Joseph lives: I will go down to see him before I die.”

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