The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 45

45:1 “And Israel went to the land of Egypt unto the land of Goshen at the new moon of the fourth month of the second year of the third week of the forty-fifty jubilee.”
45:2 “And Joseph went to meet his father Jacob in the land of Goshen, and he fell upon the neck of his father and wept.”
45:3 “And Israel said to Joseph: “I would die now after I have seen you.”
45:4 “And now may the Lord God of Abraham and Isaac be blessed/praised, who has not withdrawn his mercy and kindness from his servant Jacob: It is a great thing to me that I have seen your face in my life, for true is the vision which I saw in Bethel, blessed/praised be the Lord God to all eternity, and blessed/praised be his name.”
45:5 “And Joseph and his brothers ate bread before their father and drank wine; and Jacob rejoiced exceedingly much, for he saw that Joseph ate with his brothers and drank before him; and he blessed/praised the Creator of all, who had preserved for him his twelve sons.”
45:6 “And Joseph gave his father and his brothers as a present that they should dwell in the land of Goshen and in Ramasitino, and their whole territory, that they should rule it before Pharaoh.”
45:7 “And Israel and his sons dwelt in the land of Goshen, the best part of the land of Egypt: but Israel was one hundred and thirty years old when he came into Egypt.”
45:8 “And Joseph gave provisions to his father and brothers, and their possessions as much as supported them for the seven years of famine.”
45:9 “And the land of Egypt suffered on account of the famine, and Joseph gathered in all the land of Egypt to Pharaoh for food, both the people and their cattle, and Pharaoh possessed everything.”
45:10 “And the years of famine were completed, and Joseph gave to the people that were in the land of Egypt seed and food to sow in the eighth year, for the river had overflowed into all the land of Egypt.”
45:11 “For in the seven years of famine it had watered only a few spots along the bank of the river, but now it overflowed; and the Egyptians sowed upon their land and it produced much grain in that year.”
45:12 “And this was the first year of the fourth week of the thirty-fifth jubilee.”
45:13 “And Joseph took of the grain which they sowed the fifth part for the king, and the fourth he left them for food and for sowing: and Joseph made it a law for the land of Egypt unto this day.”
45:14 “And Israel lived in the land of Egypt seventeen years, and all the days which he lived were three jubilees, one hundred and forty-seven years.”
45:15 “And he died in the fourth year of the fifth week of the forty-fifth jubilee.”
45:16 “And Israel blessed his sons before he died, and told them everything as it would happen to them in the latter days, and everything he made known to them, and blessed them and gave Joseph two portions in the land.”
45:17 “And he slept with his fathers and was buried in the double cave in the land of Canaan beside Abraham, his father, in the grave which he had dug for himself, in the double cave, in the land of Hebron.”
45:18 “And he gave all his books and the books of his fathers to his son Levi, that he should guard them and renew them for the sons of Israel to this day.”

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