The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 46

46:1 “And it happened after the death of Jacob that the children of Israel increased in the land of Egypt.”
46:2 “And they became a great people, and they were all united in their hearts, so that each loved his brother and every man assisted his brother, and they increased and multiplied and increased very much.”
46:3 “And ten weeks of years were all the days of the life of Joseph which he lived after his father, and he was no enemy or anything wicked in all the days of the life of Joseph which he lived after his father Jacob, for all the Egyptians honored the sons of Jacob during all the days of the life of Joseph.”
46:4 “And Joseph died when he was one hundred and ten years old: seventeen years he lived in the land of Canaan and ten years he was a servant, and three years he was in prison, and eighty years he was under the king ruling all the land of Egypt.”
46:5 “And all his brothers died, and all that generation.”
46:6 “And he commanded the children of Israel, before he died, that they should carry up his bones when they would go out of the land of Egypt.”
46:7 “And he made them swear concerning his bones, for he knew that the Egyptians would not again bring out his bones and bury them in the land of Canaan, for Memkeron, the king of Canaan, while he was dwelling in the land of Asur, was fighting in the valley with the king of Egypt and killed him there and pursued the Egyptians to the gates of Eromon.”
46:8 “But he was unable to enter, for a second new king ruled over Egypt, and he was more powerful than he; and he returned to the land of Canaan, and the gates of Egypt were locked and no one entered Egypt.”
46:9 “And Joseph died in the forty-sixth jubilee, in the sixth week, in the second year; and they buried him in the land of Egypt, and all his brothers died after him.”
46:10 “And the king of Egypt went out to fight with the king of Canaan in the forty-seventh jubilee, in the second week, in the second year thereof; and the children of Israel brought out the bones of all the sons of Jacob except the bones of Joseph, and buried them in the fields, in the double caves in the mountains.”
46:11 “And the most returned to Egypt, and a few of them remained behind in the mountains of Hebron, and your father Anbaram (Amram) remained with them.”
46:12 “And the king of Canaan overcame the king of Egypt and locked the portals of Egypt.”
46:13 “And he devised an evil plan against the children of Israel that he would torment them, and he said to the men of Egypt: “Behold, the people of the children of Israel have increased and multiplied more than we; behold, we will plot against them before they become too many, and will torment them with slavery, before a murder comes over us and before these become our enemies; if not, these will unite with the enemy and will depart out of our land, for their faces and hearts are toward the land of Canaan.”
46:14 “And he set over them work-overseers that they should torment them with slave work.”
46:15 “And they commanded them, and they built strong cities for Pharaoh, Pithom and Ramese, and they built all the walls and sides which had fallen in, in the cities of Egypt.”
46:16 “And they oppressed them with service, but as much as they abused them so much they increased and so much they multiplied.”
46:17 “And the men of Egypt considered the children of Israel unclean.”

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