The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 47

47:1 “And in the seventh week, in the seventh year, in the forty-seventh jubilee, your father came from the land of Canaan, and you were born in the fourth week, in the sixth year, in the forty-eighth jubilee, which are the days of the persecution over the sons of Israel.”
47:2 “And King Pharaoh, of Egypt, issued a command concerning them, that they should throw all their children, every male, into the river.”
47:3 “And they threw them in seven months, until the day when you were born: but your mother hid you three months; and they told about her.”
47:4 “And she made for you an ark, and covered it with pitch and asphalt, and laid it in the grass, on the bank of the river, and placed you into it seven days; and your mother came in the night and nursed you, and during the days your sister Miriam protected you from the wild animals.”
47:5 “And in those days Tarmuth, the daughter of Pharaoh, came to bathe in the river, and she heard your voice crying, and she told her Hebrew maidens that they should bring you out; and they brought you to them.”
47:6 “And they took you out of the ark, and she pitied you.”
47:7 “And your sister said: “Shall I go and call for you one of the Hebrew women, who shall raise and nurse this child for you?”
47:8 “And she said: “Go.”
47:9 “And she went and called your mother Jokabed, and she gave her wages, and she raised you.”
47:10 “And when you did grow, they brought you to the house of Pharaoh, and you became his son; and Anbaram, your father, taught you writing.”
47:11 “And when you did complete three weeks, he brought you to the royal court.”
47:12 “And you were in the court three weeks of years, until the day when you did go out of the royal court, and did see the Egyptian as he was beating your friend from among the children of Israel.”
47:13 “And you slew him and hid him in the sand, and on the following day you found two of the children of Israel quarrelling, and did say to the more powerful: “Why do you beat your brother?”
47:14 “And he became angry and wroth, and said: “Who has set you a ruler and prince over us?”
47:15 “Do you desire to kill me, as you did kill the Egyptian yesterday?”
47:16 “And you did fear and flee on account of these words.”

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