The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 48

48:1 “And in the sixth year of the third week of the forty-ninth jubilee, you did go and dwell here five weeks and one year, and did return to Egypt in the second week, in the second year, in the fiftieth jubilee.”
48:2 “And you know what he spoke to you at Mt. Sinai, and what the prince Mastema desired to do with you, as you returned to Egypt, on the way, at the feast of tabernacles.”
48:3 “Did he not with all his power seek to kill you, and to save the Egyptians out of your hand, when you saw that you were sent to deliver judgments and vengeance over the Egyptians?”
48:4 “And I delivered you out of his hands, and you did the signs and wonders for which I had sent you to do in Egypt over Pharaoh and over all his house and over his servants and over his people.”
48:5 “And the Lord inflicted a great vengeance upon them for Israel’s sake, and beat them and killed them through blood and frogs and flies and dog flies and breaking-out skin-diseases, and also their animals by death, and through hail, by which he destroyed everything that grew for them; and through grasshoppers, who ate the rest that had been left by the hail, and through darkness; and also the first-born of man and animals; and on all their idols the Lord took vengeance and burned them with fire.”
48:6 “And everything was sent through your hand, that you should do it before it was done, and you did tell it to the king of Egypt and before all of his servants and before his people.”
48:7 “And everything took place according to your words: ten great and terrible judgments came over the land of Egypt, that they might take vengeance for Israel. And all the deeds of the Lord concerning Israel and according to his ordinance which he covenanted with Abraham, that he would take vengeance upon them, according as they had served the Egyptians in oppression.”
48:8 “And the prince Mastema placed himself against you, and endeavored to throw you into the hand of Pharaoh and aided the sorcerers of the Egyptians, and stood by them, and they performed them before you: the evils, however, we permitted them to perform, but their remedies we did not suffer them to perform by their hands.”
48:9 “And the Lord struck them with a dire pox, and they were not able to withstand, for we destroyed them so that they could not do a single sign.”
48:10 “And amid all the signs and wonders, the prince Mastema was not ashamed, until he became powerful and cried to the Egyptians that they should pursue after you with all the power of the Egyptians, with their wagons and with their horses and with all the masses of the people of Egypt.”
48:11 “And I stood between the Egyptians and you, and between them and Israel, and I saved the Israelites out of their hands and out of the hands of the Egyptians.”
48:12 “And the Lord led them through the middle of the sea, as if it were dry land.”
48:13 “And all the people he caused to come out to pursue Israel, the Lord our God cast into the midst of the sea, into the depths of the abysses, instead of the children of Israel, because the people of Egypt had thrown their children by the hundreds into the river: vengeance was taken upon them and one thousand powerful men, and those that were strong, perished on account of one suckling babe which they had cast into the river from among your people.”
48:14 “And on the fourteenth day, and on the fifteenth day, and on the sixteenth day, and on the seventeenth day, and on the eighteenth day, the prince Mastema was bound and chained behind the children of Israel, so that he could not accuse the children of Israel.”
48:15 “But on the nineteenth day we let him loose, so that he could help the Egyptians, and that they could pursue the children of Israel; and he made hard their hearts and strengthened them and he became powerful according to the Lord our God, so that he could smite the Egyptians and hurl them into the sea.”
48:16 “And on the fifteenth day we bound him, so that he could not accuse the children of Israel on the day when they asked for the utensils and clothing from the men of Egypt, utensils of silver and utensils of gold and utensils of iron, in order to despoil the Egyptians for having served him a service in oppression: and we did not cause the children of Israel to go out of Egypt empty-handed.”

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