The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 49

49:1 “Remember the command which the Lord commanded you concerning the Pascah, that you shall keep it in its time, on the fourteenth of the first month, that you shall kill it before the evening come, and that they shall eat it during the night, on the evening of the fifteenth, from the time of the setting of the sun, for this is the first day of the festival and the first Pascah.”
49:2 “But you were engaged in eating the Pascah in Egypt while all the powers of Mastema were sent forth in Egypt to destroy all the first-born in the land of Egypt, from the first-born of Pharaoh to the first-born of the captive servant maid in the mill, and down to the animals.”
49:3 “And this is the sign which the Lord gave them: In every house at whose portals they had thrown the blood of a year old sheep, into this house they did not enter to kill those that were locked in it, so that all who were in the house were saved, because the sign of blood was upon the portals.”
49:4 “And the powers of the Lord did everything as the Lord commanded them, and they passed by all the sons of Israel, and no plague came over them to destroy any soul from their midst, neither of beast nor of man, not even a dog. And the plague was in Egypt exceedingly great, and there was no house in Egypt in which there was no dead body and weeping and lamentation.”
49:5 “And all Israel was engaged in eating the meat of the Pascah and drinking wine, and they lauded and thanked and blessed/praised the Lord God of their fathers, and were prepared to go out from under the yoke of Egypt and from under its slavery.”
49:6 “But you, remember this day all the days of your life, once in the year, on its day, according to all the law thereof, and you shall not change the day for another day, or the month for another month.”
49:7 “For it is an ordinance of eternity, which is engraved on the tablets of heaven concerning the children of Israel, that they shall observe each year by year the festivals; once a year, in all their generations, and it has no limit of days, for it is ordained for eternity.”
49:8 “And a man, if he is pure and does not come to observe in its time the day, to bring an offering which is acceptable before the Lord on the day of the festival, and to eat and to drink before the Lord, on the day of his festival, that man shall be rooted out, if he is pure and near, because he has not brought the offering to the Lord in its time, on the fourteenth of the first month, between the evenings, in the third part of the day to the third part of the night; for two parts of the day are given to the light and the third to the evening; this it is that the Lord has commanded that you shall observe it between the evenings.”
49:9 “And it shall not take place in the morning, at any time of daylight, but only at the limits of the evenings; and they shall eat it in the time of evening until the third night, and whatever is left of all the meat on the third night, they shall again burn in the fire.”
49:10 “And they shall not cook it in water and shall not eat it raw, but carefully roasted on the fire and broiled on the fire; its head together with the intestines they shall roast, and its feet, and shall not break any bone within it, for none of the children of Israel shall have any bone broken.”
49:11 “On this account the Lord has commanded the children of Israel to observe the Pascah on the day of its time, and that no bone in it shall be broken, for it is a festival and a day commanded, and there must be no change from it from one day to another, or from one month to another, but on the day shall its festival be observed.”
49:12 “But you, command the children of Israel that they should observe the Pascah on its days in all the years, once each year, on the day of its fixed time, and that it shall become a memorial before the Lord which is acceptable, and that no plague come over them to kill them and to scourge them in that year.”
49:13 “If they observe the Pascah in its time in everything as they have been commanded, then it is not allowed them to eat it outside of the sanctuary of the Lord, and all the people of the assembly of Israel shall observe it in its time.”
49:14 “Every man who is twenty years and above who comes on that day shall eat it in the sanctuary of your God before the Lord, for thus it is written and ordained that they shall eat it in the sanctuary of the Lord.”
49:15 “And when the children of Israel come into the land which they shall possess, into the land of Canaan, and plant the tent of the Lord in the midst of the land, within one of their hosts, until the time when the sanctuary of the Lord shall have been built in the land, then they shall come and observe the Pascah in the midst of the tent of the Lord, and shall sacrifice it before the Lord from year to year.”
49:16 “And in the days when a house shall have been built in the name of the Lord in the land of their inheritance, they shall go there and slay the Pascah in the evening, as the sun goes down, in the third part of the day.”
49:17 “And they shall place the blood on the foundation of the altar, and the fat they shall lay upon the fire upon the altar, and shall eat flesh thereof that has been roasted at the fire, in the court of the sanctuary in the name of the Lord.”
49:18 “And they must not observe the Pascah in their cities and in all their districts, but only before the tent of the Lord or before his house, where his name dwells, so that you do not trespass against the Lord.”
49:19 “But you, Moses, command the children of Israel, that they shall observe the ordinance of the Pascah as it has been commanded to you, that they shall observe the day year by year, and its day and the festival of the unleavened bread, that they shall eat unleavened bread seven days, so that they observe its festival, that they bring an offering day by day in these seven days of the Pascah before the Lord on the altar of your God.”
49:20 “For this festival you observed with trembling when you went out of Egypt until you had gone through the sea into the desert of Sur, for on the shore of the sea you completed it.”

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