The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 50

50:1 “And after this law I made known to you the days of Sabbaths in the desert Sinai, which is between Elam and Sinai.”
50:2 “And I told you concerning the Sabbaths of the earth on Mt. Sinai, and concerning the years of jubilees with the Sabbaths; and also the year I mentioned to you; but the year thereof we did not tell you, until you come into the land which you shall possess; and you shall make the land also observe the Sabbaths for those dwelling in it, and the years of jubilees shall learn.”
50:3 “Concerning this I have ordained for you the weeks of years and the jubilees, from the days of Adam to this day: forty-nine (jubilees) and one week and two years; and yet forty years are before for learning the commandments of the Lord, until you cross the border of the land of Canaan, crossing the Jordan on the western side, and jubilees will pass by until Israel shall be cleansed from all fornication and guilt and uncleanness and contamination and sin and transgression, and shall dwell in all the land in safety, and no satan and no evil one will injure him, and the land will be cleansed from that time on and to eternity.”
50:4 “And, behold, the command of the Sabbaths I have written down for you, and all the judgments of its laws.”
50:5 “Six days you shall do work, and on the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord, your God; you shall not do any work on it, neither you, nor your children, nor your male servants, nor your maid servants, nor any of your beasts, nor your stranger who is with you.”
50:6 “The man that does any work on it shall die, and every man who desecrates this day, who lies with a wife, and who says that he will do something on it, that he will make a trip on it, or concerning all buying and selling, and who draws water on it which he did not prepare for himself on the sixth day, and whoever takes up a burden to carry it out of his tent or out of his house, he shall die.”
50:7 “You shall not do any work on the Sabbath which you have not prepared for yourselves on the sixth day, to eat or to drink or to rest or to keep Sabbath from all your work on that day, and to bless/praise the Lord your God, who has given it to you as a festival day; and a holy day it shall be, and a day of the holy kingdom, for the honor which the Lord has given to Israel to eat and to drink and to be satisfied on this festival day, after resting on this day from all the work of the children of men, except burning frankincense and bringing offerings and sacrifices before the Lord on the days and the Sabbaths.”
50:9 “This work alone shall be done on the Sabbath days, in the sanctuary of the Lord your God, so that these shall appear over Israel as a constant atonement, day by day, as a memorial, which is acceptable before the Lord and received forever, day by day, as I have commanded you.”
50:10 “And every man who does any work on this day, or makes a journey, or works his land, be it in the house or at any other place, and whoever lights a fire or rides upon any beast, or travels by ship upon the sea, and everyone that strikes or kills anything, or kills an animal or a bird, and who catches an animal and bird and fish, and who contends or engages in war on the Sabbath day, shall die, so that the children of Israel shall observe the Sabbaths, according to the command of the Sabbath of the land, as it is written on the tablets of heaven, which he gave into my hands, that I should write for you the laws of the times, and the different times in the division of their days.”

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