The Book of Jubilees

Chapter 6

6:1 “And at the new moon of the third month he came out of the ark and built an altar on that hill.”
6:2 “And he appeared on the earth, and he took a young goat and atoned by its blood for all the guilt of the earth, because every thing that had been on it was destroyed except those that were in the ark with Noah; and he placed the fat on the altar, and he took an ox and a goat and a sheep and young goats and salt and a turtle dove and the young of a dove and brought a burnt sacrifice upon the altar and scattered over them fruit offerings baked in oil and sprinkled the blood and wine, and placed upon it frankincense, and a sweet savor arose which was acceptable before the Lord.”
6:3 “And the Lord smelt the sweet savor, and he made with him a covenant that there should no more be a flood upon the earth which would destroy the earth: all the days of the earth, seed and harvest shall not cease, frost and heat and summer and winter and day and night shall not change their order and shall not cease forever.”
6:4 “And you, grow and increase on the earth and increase over it, and be for a blessing in its midst: your fear and your terror I will put upon every thing that is on the earth and in the sea.”
6:5 “And, behold, I have given you all the animals and all the beasts and every thing that flies and every thing that moves on the earth and the fish in the waters and all things for food; like the herbs of grass, I have given them all to you to eat.”
6:6 “Only flesh which is in its life with blood you shall not eat: for the blood is the soul of all flesh, so that your blood in your souls be not demanded of you.”
6:7 “From the hands of each one I will demand the blood of a man; every one that sheds the blood of a man, by the hand of a man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God did he create Adam.”
6:8 “But you, grow and increase upon the earth.”
6:9 “And Noah and his sons swore that they would not eat any blood that is in any flesh, and they made a covenant before the Lord God for ever, in all the generations of the world, in this month.”
6:10 “On this account he spoke to you that you should make a covenant with the children of Israel in this month upon the mountain, with an oath, and should sprinkle blood over them on account of all the words of the covenant which the Lord has made with them for all days.”
6:11 “And this testimony is written concerning you, that you observe it in all days, that you do not in all days eat any blood of animals and birds and beasts in all the days of the earth; and the man who eats the blood of an animal or of beasts or of birds in all the days of the earth, he and his seed shall be rooted out of the land.”
6:12 “And you command the children of Israel that they shall not eat any blood, so that their names and their seed may be before the Lord our God all the days.”
6:13 “And for this law there is no limit of days, for it is for eternity; and they shall observe it to generation and generation, so that they may continue supplicating in their behalf with blood before the Lord on the altar on each day and day; mornings and evenings they shall supplicate in their behalf perpetually before the Lord, that they may observe this and not be rooted out.”
6:14 “And he gave to Noah and his sons a sign that there should not again be a deluge over the earth; he placed his bow in the clouds as a sign of the eternal covenant that no water of the deluge should again come over the earth to destroy it all the days of the earth.”
6:15 “On this account it is ordained and written on the tablets of heaven that the celebration of the festival of weeks should be in this month, once a year, for a renewed covenant in each year and year.”
6:16 “And during the time this festival was being celebrated in heaven, from the days of creation to the days of Noah, it was twenty six jubilees and five weeks of years; and Noah and his sons observed it seven jubilees and one week of years until the time when Noah died.”
6:17 “But his children violated it until the days of Abraham, and they ate blood. But Abraham alone observed it, and Isaac and Jacob observed it, for these are his children, up to your day; and in your day the children of Israel forgot it until I renewed it for them on this mountain.”
6:18 “And you command the children of Israel that they should observe this festival in all their generations as a commandment for them: one day in the year, in this month, they shall celebrate this festival.”
6:19 “For it is the festival of weeks and is a festival of first fruits; for this festival is of a double nature and double kind, as is written and engraved concerning its celebration.”
6:20 “For I have written it in the book of the first law in which I write to you that you should observe it in its time one day a year; and I have explained to you the offerings on that day, that they should be remembered and that the children of Israel should celebrate it one day in each year.”
6:21 “And at the new moon of the first month, and in the new moon of the fourth month, and in the new moon of the seventh month, and in the new moon of the tenth month are the days of remembrance and the days of the festivals in the four divisions of the years: written and ordained they are for a testimony until eternity.”
6:22 “And Noah ordained them for himself as festivals for future generations, for on them there was to him a remembrance.”
6:23 “At the new moon of the first month it was said to him that he should make for himself an ark, and on it the earth became dry, and he opened (the ark) and saw the earth. And at the new moon of the fourth month the mouth of the flood gates of the earth were opened and the waters began to descend into the depth beneath.”
6:25 “And at the new moon of the tenth month the tops of the mountains appeared, and Noah became glad.”
6:26 “And on this account he ordained them as festivals of remembrance unto himself unto eternity, and thus they are ordained.”
6:27 “And they were raised into the tablets of heaven: thirteen sabbaths to each, from one to another their remembrance, from the first to the second, from the second to the third, from the third to the fourth.”
6:28 “And all the days of this commandment are fifty two sabbaths of days, and the whole year is completed.”
6:29 “Thus it is engraved and ordained in the tablets of heaven, and there is no transgression from one year to another.”
6:30 “And you command the children of Israel that they should observe the years in this number, three hundred and sixty four days, and the year shall be complete and the fixed date of their days and their festivals shall not be corrupted, for every thing transpires in them according to their testimony, and they (Israel) shall not miss a day or corrupt a festival.”
6:31 “But if they do transgress and do not observe them according to his commandment, then will be corrupted all their fixed dates, and the years will waver in consequence, and also their times and their years, and they will transgress their ordinances.”
6:32 “And all the children of Israel will forget and will not find the paths of the years, and will forget the new moon and the sabbaths and the festivals, and in all the order of the years they will err.”
6:33 “For I know, and from now on I shall make it known to you, and not from my heart, but thus is written in a book before me and is ordained in the tablets of heaven, the division of days, that they forget not the festivals of my covenant and walk according to the festivals of the Gentiles/hethan, after their errors and after their ignorance.”
6:34 “And there will be those who will make observations of the moon, for this one (the moon) corrupts the stated times and comes out earlier each year by ten days.”
6:35 “And in this way they will corrupt the years and will observe a wrong day as the day of testimony and a corrupted festival day, and every one will mix holy days with unclean ones and unclean with holy; for they will err as to months and sabbaths and festivals and jubilees.”
6:36 “And on this account I command you and testify to you that you should testify to them, for after your death your children will corrupt, so that they make a year only three hundred and sixty four days, and on this account they will err as to new moons and sabbaths and fixed times and festivals and will ever eat blood with all kinds of flesh.”

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